Which system to choose from your PABX-Centrex supplier?

Quel système choisir auprès de votre fournisseur PABX-Centrex ?
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Are you an SME? Are you looking for a professional telephony solution adapted to your activities and your needs? You have different choices: PABX or Centrex for example. Thus, it is advantageous for you to be accompanied by an expert in business telephony . Find out what Kavkom, a PABX-Centrex provider , can offer you in terms of telephone equipment with advanced features without investing heavily.

PABX and Centrex: the differences

It is important for any company to have a reliable, efficient and economical telephony system , making it easier to manage your company’s telecom expenses. The PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) is a PABX to be installed on the premises of your company. To operate, it uses analog telephone lines. It can also integrate VoIP technology by adding a special VoIP card. With this private switchboard , you benefit from more independence in the operation of your telephone network and your business communication system. Indeed, it is no longer necessary for you to use the paid services of an external service provider to take advantage of its multiple features. You can access it at any time without using their packages and configure it to your liking. If your company uses at least 10 telephone lines , equipping yourself with an internal PABX system is more interesting.

The Centrex does not require the purchase of a switchboard. Its ease of deployment and maintenance is to the advantage of your establishment. Indeed, all you have to do is connect your company’s IP network to the operator’s equipment and connect your workstations to the local network. However, due to many necessary settings, their configurations can take time. So, initially, this option is very economical. With Centrex, payment is made by package of professional telephones used . For small businesses (SME-SMI) that do not have the budget to acquire large installations (PABX, IPBX, etc.), this is the best solution. A Centrex’s telephony services have identical functionality to in- house systems . Indeed, the possibilities offered by a PABX and a Centrex in terms of functionality are almost equivalent.

PABX and Centrex: the advantages

The big advantage with Centrex is that you don’t buy any hardware, so there’s no hefty budget to allocate to setting up this business phone system . What you have to spend is just the subscriptions to take out with your telecom providers. Choose the offer that perfectly suits your needs and take full advantage of the solutions they offer you.

Is your business expanding? Need more phone lines? Consider acquiring a switchboard (PABX, IPBX, etc.) in-house. Setting up a PABX requires a substantial budget for companies. You invest in equipment first, but they will allow you to considerably reduce your telecom bills in the medium and long term . Indeed, your monthly subscriptions with a Centrex supplier will cost you more in the long term than the purchase of a PABX installed in your company’s premises.

PABX and Centrex by Kavkom

Which telephone system is best suited to your professional expectations? Telecommunications operators offer different ones, including for call centers . At Kavkom, our experts will help you discover the tools (PABX or Centrex) that best suit your business activities. In principle, these two systems:

  • provide simplified call transfer to an external telephone line or to another internal extension;
  • manage access to the public network for all of your telephone lines;
  • simplify the management of your telephony costs by establishing them on a single invoice;
  • facilitate the setting up of multiple conference calls;
  • allow you to quickly configure your interactive vocal server ;
  • present different options for setting up advanced services depending on the mailbox, etc.

Kavkom is a VoIP operator for companies, whatever their size and activities. PABX-Centrex supplier , we offer a selection of hardware and software solutions exploiting the possibilities of unified telephony technologies. Our partners provide you with reliable equipment known for its performance in terms of professional telecommunications. We are thus able to support a large clientele such as VSEs and SMEs-SMIs in their growth.

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