Choosing a hybrid CRM: what are the advantages for a company?

Choisir un CRM hybride: quels sont les avantages pour une entreprise
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When they decide to resort to the use of software packages or telephone call management software, companies are faced with the difficulty of choosing the best option. In this regard, pabx centrex providers generally offer two types of solutions: cloud or so-called on-premise solutions. If the operation of the first is materialized by the delocalized and dematerialized nature of the service, the second imposes the hard installation of the appropriate device. However, in addition to the advantages and constraints presented by each of these two options, there is a third so-called hybrid way. Why choose a hybrid CRM and what are the advantages of integrating it into a company?

What is a Hybrid CRM?

This is a call management solution that requires both the physical installation of an infrastructure on company premises, then hosting with an operator. In other words, it is a mixed option whose operation requires an internalized side and another externalized which represents the extension of the first. Obviously, the proper functioning of the device is subject to the coordinated transmission of information between the two systems.

Nowadays, the installation models of ipbx standards , as well as pabx systems correspond to this description of hybrid CRM. However, it should be noted that the concept also has other variations.

Indeed, with the constant digital revolution, we tend much more towards a presentation of the hybrid as a system of communicating vase between cloud solutions , all at the service of the CRM of the same company. In other words, it is a relay mechanism between clouds, a fully outsourced solution that does not require the installation of equipment on your premises, such as centrex installations or ip telephony systems. .

We could also list another category of hybrid CRM based on the ”  cloud-to-cloud  ” by evoking the devices that connect a “  public cloud  ” (server shared by the members of the company) and a ”  private cloud  (server shared by other users). In this context, the company gives other actors or users access to certain data, for purposes related to these objectives.

The benefits of a hybrid CRM

There are many advantages associated with the use of a hybrid CRM. Let’s discover them together.


One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid CRM “  cloud-to-cloud  comes down to the mobility it offers its users. Indeed, the possibility of data portability guarantees a permanent interconnection between a user on the move and another present on the company’s site, this by means of servers which make it possible to centralize information and therefore serve as gateways.

Within the company, this synchronization optimizes interactions both functionally and managerially. It further facilitates and explains the recognized flexibility of this option.


A hybrid CRM has characteristics of flexibility inherent in its operation. This is already explained by the fact that the operation of a hybrid device requires the involvement of a dematerialized server, without forgetting the use of an Internet connection.

The flexible nature is also appreciated through the possibilities of updating or updating remotely.

In other words, adopting a hybrid CRM gives the possibility of adapting it and readjusting it to the evolutions imposed by the needs of the company. Such a possibility is less obvious when the supports are limited to hard infrastructure which is more difficult to evolve and less permeable to change.

Data security

The mixed nature of Customer Relationship Management guarantees a double level of security for your data. Whether it comes in the form of infrastructures installed with an outsourced extension or in the form of gateways between two types of clouds, the device offers a priori more security, both from the point of view of storage and data transmission. .

However, the aspect relating to data security also depends on the operator chosen and the guarantees that the latter offers in this area.

In summary, it should be concluded that the hybrid CRM option has several advantages. It sometimes constitutes a solution materializing the need of the company to evolve towards digital solutions or more simply a model in accordance with its objectives.

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