Automated call system

Facilitate the mass sending of your telephone messages? Kavkom offers you its automated call system to increase efficiency.
Automated call system
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What does an automated calling system do for you? Whether you have a small number of employees or hundreds or even thousands of employees, the models we offer will help you propel your business. With Kavkom, you benefit from VoIP telephony solutions that are both reliable and economical, very practical in business management .

Automated call system: how it works

An automated call system is a device intended to propagate precise information to several well-targeted entities . By using it, you benefit from dissemination that is both rapid and appropriate to the circumstances (emergency situations, cultural events, marketing campaigns, automated prospecting , etc.).

Automated from a database of coordinates, our system is capable of launching a very high number of calls. You no longer have to find people to contact yourself. Our tool takes care of everything for bulk calls. This means of communication allows you to save time since all the scenarios are pre- programmed and then automated. You will be able to communicate more quickly with the right people, your suppliers and customers among others.

Messages are sent from a telephone or using a computer. You can send identical audio or text messages to several of your customers at the same time to inform them of your new products, for example. For contact centers , it facilitates the management, control and piloting of telecom flows . Investing in an automated call system will positively impact your company’s productivity. It improves contacts with your customers while considerably reducing your communication costs.

Automated call system, a solution adapted to your needs

With our system, contacting a large number of people in a very short period of time has never been easier. Companies use our offers to optimize their marketing campaigns , sales and many other commercial activities. The use of dialers varies from single, personalized calling to mass calling . In the first case, the message is constructed taking into account different variables. For the other situation, the information to be transmitted to a specific audience is disseminated massively through the company’s communication channels. This particularly applies to tele-alert services.

The automation of call systems facilitates the exchange of information . It therefore promotes better internal and external communication. It also increases your company’s productivity gains . Thanks to the many functionalities of our system, you have the possibility of assigning several coordinates to the same contact, whether customer or supplier. Moreover, it helps you classify them according to their interest groups.

Subsequently, automated calls can be made according to several criteria. They are launched taking into account the broadcast time slot, for example. Sometimes they also depend on the priorities established by the agents responsible for their use, such as in marketing campaigns and call centers. All the functionalities necessary for professional telephony are available there: callback options, interactions with the respondent.

Kavkom, business development partner

Founded in 2012, Kavkom is known for its many innovations in the field of professional telephony . We have become a go-to for making it easier to send your phone messages, faxes, texts and emails. Our offers are based on VoIP technology , English Voice over IP. They use your Internet network to send and receive your messages whatever their form (SMS, audio message, fax, etc.).

Our company offers various hardware and software solutions with multiple advanced features. They are both flexible and scalable to meet the needs and expectations of any structure (SME, SMI, etc.).

Our innovative communication solutions help you improve the quality of the services you provide to your customers. Indeed, our platform provides various new communication tools for the use of companies, regardless of their size and importance. They are perfectly adaptable to your activities .

Our teams of experts will provide you with mature and comprehensive solutions based on your company’s business context. They will allow you to take advantage of the best in IP telephony for businesses (opinion polls, prospects, marketing campaigns, promotions, etc.).

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