Automated prospecting by call bot

Automated prospecting by call bot
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Are you looking for a fast and effective way to distribute information to your customers and prospects? Kavkom, a specialist in telephony solutions , suggests that you invest in a call robot. Practical and efficient, this tool allows you to contact a large number of numbers and automate your prospecting campaigns. Need more information about this device? Find everything you need in this article.

Call robot software: how does it work?

The call robot software is an automatic dialing system that allows you to call hundreds or even thousands of customers or prospects at the same time. The tool then delivers a previously recorded marketing message to the recipients.

Highly efficient and productive, the call bot can make up to 60,000 simultaneous calls per hour per campaign . All you have to do is import the list of phone numbers to contact and the selected message into the software. As soon as you start the auto-dialer program, it automatically dials and then reads the file on each line that is picked up.

The advantages of the call bot

Ingeniously developed , the automatic dialer detects busy tones, voice mail and out of service numbers. This signal and sound detection system for unsuccessful calls allows it to offer considerable time savings. The software can also eliminate duplicates as well as invalid numbers.

Another advantage of the call robot in automatic prospecting is that it can deliver different messages depending on whether the call is taken by a person or an answering machine. And with advanced Text-to-Speech technology, you can create audio files with each recipient’s name and other personalized information.

Interesting tools at your disposal

So that you can follow the progress of your automatic prospecting campaigns, the call robot provides you with real-time statistics . Thanks to this tool, you can easily identify the number of calls made, the contacts reached, the numbers that did not receive your message, etc.

Practical, the call robot software also has an interactive server function that allows your recipients to interact with your company’s host system. Thanks to this function, you will be able to quickly collect the opinion of your prospects or customers on a multiple-choice question that they will be able to answer via the keys of their telephone. The interactive server can also redirect the recipient to a customer adviser, if desired.

Call bot: areas of action

Call bot software can be used in several areas of prospecting. It can, among other things:

  • serve as a telephone sales prospecting solution;
  • simplify reminders for debt collection;
  • become a survey or market research tool;
  • etc

The call robot for automated prospecting at Kavkom

Kavkom is a platform launched in 2012 with the aim of modernizing business communications and enterprise collaboration. How? ‘Or’ What ? By providing our customers with revolutionary business telephony solutions both in terms of their uses and their costs, but also in terms of the immediate benefits they offer.

Fully committed to the success of our clients , we always work actively to establish relationships based on mutual trust and listening. Because your company attaches great importance to compliance with regulations, we ensure your compliance with the GDPR. That’s why we’ve made improvements in the areas of information security, breach management, content management, data visibility, individual rights management, and records management.

Always with the aim of satisfying our customers, the billing method of our Kavkom call robot is simplified. Indeed, the software is provided free of charge. We invoice the minutes of calls made via a minute package that you can recharge according to your needs. In addition, the Kavkom team of experts remains at your disposal to provide you with the technical assistance you expect, if necessary.
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