Predictive dialer integrated into the CRM: increase the effectiveness of your prospecting

CRM integrated predictive dialer

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Carrying out good prospecting is one of the determining factors for a successful sale. With the dazzling evolution of business telephony solutions, in particular Ip Centrex or Cloud telephony, winning over new customers has become even easier. In view of its functionalities, the predictive dialer integrated into the CRM software represents one of the most effective tools in this area. How does it work? How is it beneficial for prospecting? Kavkom, your business telephony solution provider, provides some answers.

The predictive dialer: what is it?

Predictive dialer for English speakers, predictive dialer is the complete opposite of IVR . It is actually an automatic dialing algorithm that sends group calls to contacts collected online by a company, mainly telesales.

It is configured so that each recorded call is immediately assigned to a call center or after-sales service agent available to take care of the correspondent.

Principle of operation of predictive dialing integrated into the CRM

When the automaton is integrated into the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, we witness the operationalization of a powerful instrument that boosts the performance of the company. During marketing campaigns, the CRM collects personal information from prospects and customers and then structures it into a qualified database.

These are then isolated and processed according to certain parameters, namely the individuality of the callers, their purchasing habits, the time slots during which they can be reached and positively impacted, etc. Intelligently exploited by the system, this mechanism facilitates customer prospecting.

Its effectiveness lies in its ability to filter out fake numbers, blacklisted numbers, or forwarded to voicemail, and then automatically suspend them.

The benefits of a predictive dialer integrated into a company’s CRM

The predictive dialer is certainly essential for the productivity of call centers , but it is also suitable for any company that bases its returns on the quality of its relations with its customers. Here are some advantages.

Methodically structured customer and historical data

The association of the CRM and the predictive dialer favors the constitution of the prospecting history relating to each customer, as well as that of the sales. Thus, the salesperson has a battery of information on the recipient and will be able to better interact with him.

Time is intelligently capitalized following the right timing

A successful telesales must take place within a time limit and according to a timing specific to each prospect. By its configuration, the dialer works in such a way as to solicit only the most relevant leads. Thus, the automation of the process now spares the salesperson the time-consuming task of consulting contact lists and the manual aspect of the work.

In addition, calls are made at the best time and agents are optimally occupied full-time.

Predictive dialing significantly reduces costs

A predictive dialer integrated into the company’s CRM represents a very economical solution . It does not require any special installation expenses or additional equipment. Likewise, it saves the company from a technical service that is present full-time and certainly more expensive.

In addition, the exploitation of the Predictive dialer allows the company to optimize the budget of a marketing campaign by SMS .

High process flexibility and agent efficiency

The algorithms that facilitate the automatic analysis of data by the CRM associated with predictive dialing are modulated according to the contexts and the activities specific to the companies.

Also, they systematically readjust to changes in the specificities of each client. The products or services that now motivate their interest, the time slots, the changes in the history are gradually being updated.

Likewise, they imprint a logic of activity on the agents who adapt to it without much effort.

More leads reached, more sales made

Thanks to the functionalities of the CRM which allows the accessibility of information specific to each prospect and the favorable timing to reach him, the salesperson interacts with more serenity and ease. He thus manages more easily to make sales, to be more dynamic and more productive.

In short, the predictive dialer integrated into the CRM represents a valuable asset for an effective marketing strategy. Far from causing more costs to the company, it allows it to capitalize on time and intensify its productivity thanks to the filtering and automation of the process. Its integration into the CRM software must therefore be entrusted to a reliable telecom service provider , such as Kavkom.

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