6 essential tools to increase the effectiveness of call center prospecting

6 essential tools to increase efficiency

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For any company, the customer base is the target to conquer, consolidate and expand to continue to exist. If your company is involved in telephone marketing, you may be wondering how to optimize your prospecting campaigns. You should know that several software and next generation telephony solutions exist to simplify your market conquest.

In this article, Kavkom makes you discover some of them, which you can use to increase the efficiency of your call center prospecting and to keep your customers.

A good CRM software

CRM software should be at the top of the list of IT solutions available to your sales force. Accessible in hybrid mode, it collects, processes and centralizes data from everyone your company interacts with.

Thus, each time a prospect is interested in your products or services, the tool collects valuable information such as his contact details and the history of his actions. These saved data serve as a reference for the call center to better convince the prospect to subscribe to your offer.

A predictive dialer integrated if possible with a CRM

The predictive dialer allows you to make group calls to customer or prospect contacts without first entering their number.

This solution integrates a program that systematically filters false telephone lines, answering machine lines, faxes, etc. Calls that are answered by a human are instantly assigned to available agents.

When the predictive dialer is incorporated into the CRM, it automatically extracts the contact files for a smoother work. So, you capitalize rigorously on time and your call center sales representatives have essential information for better prospecting.

An interactive virtual telephone switchboard

It leverages the technology of VoIP telephony associated with a robot that contacts and interacts with callers in the absence of a telemarketer. In clear terms, it is an auto dialer that works on the principle of predictive dialing, with the difference that it broadcasts a pre-recorded voice message and responds to the lead’s need.

It helps to refine the prospecting work, because where the call robot does not provide a satisfactory answer, the call center takes over. This software can also be useful for:

  • execute an advertising campaign;
  • deliver specific messages to customers;
  • notify several thousand contacts at the same time of an action that concerns them, etc.

A headset that kills noise

A good prospecting experience also depends on the quality of the communication. Thus, small interfering noises can ruin the fluidity of the exchanges between the sales agent and his correspondent.

Therefore, equip yourself with high-performance binaural headphones to generate a favorable acoustic environment for call center work. Indeed, it is a technology that creates a filter to muffle the noise around. Thanks to this equipment, call center prospecting is carried out in comfort and concentration.

Tools to automate the email campaign

Emailing is a way to boost the conversion of your prospects. To this end, specially designed software allows you to plan your campaigns.

From then on, you can create qualified contact files by specifying reliable leads and those who are slow to commit. In this way, the sales representative modulates the prospecting message that will be transmitted according to the individuality of the potential customer at the end of the line. Depending on their reaction, the call center can then adopt the appropriate telephone marketing approach.

Email checkers to boost call center prospecting

During a professional meeting, it can happen that, while exchanging contacts, one omits to take the e-mail addresses of his interlocutors. This situation could later complicate an e-mailing campaign or a more targeted BtoB prospecting.

To compensate for this oversight, there are software programs that allow you to find their e-mail contacts by simply entering the name of the lead or the name of the organization from which they came. This system rakes through a large database by isolating address formats that correspond to your search.

To conclude, the quality of new customers prospecting is a real challenge for any company in search of growth and notoriety. If your service department or your call center still lacks these performance tools, contact Kavkom, your business telephony solutions provider, now. We will provide you with state-of-the-art software and equipment to improve your customer relationship.

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