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Revolutionize your Customer Relationship Management with Hybrid CRM, specially developed by Kavkom teams

Kavkom CRM, centralized management of your customer relationship

Kavkom CRM, the Customer Relationship Management software, is used to qualify prospects and customers better to manage the cycle of their relationship with the company. And this, to convert them and retain them. Kavkom CRM, a simple and intuitive software, keeps all the promises of Unified Communication. Resulting from the Coupling of Telephony and IT, it facilitates the organization of your customer relationship thanks to a range of hybrid functionalities – Clicks to Call, Automatic feedback of customer files, etc., in particular via its WebPhone.


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Kavkom Hybrid CRM for the development of your business

The Kavkom CRM, Customer Relationship Management software (Customer It allows, among other things, to record customer information, the history of their interactions with the company, organize them in a relevant way, and present them clearly on an actionable dashboard. Contacting the customer, partner, or supplier at the right time with the correct information is crucial for nurturing the relationship, converting prospects into customers, or building loyalty. The Kavkom Hybrid CRM is the ideal base for your sustainability strategy.

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Virtual number offered More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations

The 5 advantages of Kavkom Hybrid CRM


Simplicity and lightness

Hosted on the Cloud and linked to the Phone System, the Kavkom CRM centralizes all customer data on the online interface for easier decision-making. Deployed instantly, accessible from a simple internet connection, it allows all your employees, wherever they are, to have access to their virtual workstation, a secure online environment containing up-to-date, consistent, and synchronized contact information. In real-time. The secret of an optimized customer relationship for a meager budget.


Speed and Productivity

The hybrid functionalities of the CRM offer a benefit in speed in the processing of calls and requests. For example, the Click to Call function, the automatic escalation of the customer file during the incoming call, or the listing of past interactions on the customer files allow the agents to visualize the customer’s history with the company and speed up the processing of requests. Furthermore, by automating the writing and sending of e-mails and SMS as part of customer follow-up, the Kavkom CRM boosts productivity, especially if you keep an eye on the performance indicators!


Control & Profitability

The Kavkom CRM dashboard provides an immediate readability of the state of relations with each customer, a guarantee of control during campaigns. Given an overview of previous interactions, your operators are able to give customers a personalized reception, anticipate their requests and satisfy them in the best possible way.The customer satisfaction indexes and indicators provided by the CRM guarantee an efficient follow-up on marketing campaigns. Armed with information on top-performing campaigns, marketing executives can optimize budgets and increase ROI with peace of mind.

Analysis & Strategy

Analysis & Strategy

Kavkom CRM, due to the reliability of its statistical indicators, favors a personalized approach to calls and the customer experience as a whole. Customer service and sales managers are provided with the best tools to analyze the performance of their operators. Customer data processing, file tracking, work schedule, email sending, etc. Managers can track sales-related activities, check the quality of customer relations and determine the best corrective strategies to boost operator productivity and control of the sales journey.

Fluidity & Collaborative Management

Fluidity & Collaborative Management

Kavkom Cloud CRM software is a formidable tool for optimizing internal exchanges, promoting smooth and efficient collaborative customer relationship management. For example, providing your company’s employees with a varied arsenal of communication channels (e-mail, telephone, texting, notifications, etc.) facilitates exchanges between employees from different departments as if they were all physically present at the same site. Another tool, simultaneous access to CRM files and the synchronized history of interactions, guarantees efficient processing of each request even without a dedicated service representative. Result: tight-knit teams, connected services, and satisfied customers.

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Action's areas of the Kavkom Hybrid CRM

Sales Campaigns: Would you like to have total control over your Sales Journey?

Kavkom Hybrid CRM helps salespeople understand customers and managers monitor team performance.

Marketing Campaigns: Need a simple tool for analyzing, forecasting, and optimizing?

Kavkom CRM, coupled with the Phone System, provides marketing departments with a complete set of tools to help identify opportunities, plan conversion paths and optimize the ROI of campaigns.

Customer Services: Are you concerned about your customers’ experience and satisfaction rate?

Coordinate the follow-up of your operators with the CRM built into the IP calling system. Up to date on conversation threads and history of interactions for the most excellent customer satisfaction.

E-commerce purchasing management: Need to compare the efficiency of your suppliers?

The Hybrid CRM, connected to the enterprise telephony solution, allows you to note your exchanges, schedule reminder tasks, and anticipate the next steps in your customer relationship.
Domaines d’action du CRM Hybride Kavkom
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