Why opt for a VoIP switchboard?

Kavkom explains why you should convert your company to a VoIP switchboard.
Pourquoi opter pour un standard téléphonique VoIP?
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There was a time, of course, when VoIP telephony operated haphazardly, with the ups and downs of a snail’s pace Internet connection. But those days are far removed from today’s realities, and more and more companies are opting for a switchboard anchored on a virtual number.

You’re tempted to take flight, but you’re asking yourself a thousand questions. Will the adventure really be worth the detour? Wouldn’t this just be a gadget with no real contribution to making your goals a reality, just a fad? Would it cost a fortune to set up? No more uncertainty. This article provides answers to your questions.

Installation in just a few clicks

As for configuration, all you need to do is integrate the software into your VoIP solution . There’s no need to multiply telephone handsets, unroll endless cables and lay out an entire park to install the equipment. In fact, your entire telecom universe is, so to speak, housed by your provider.

As a result, starting up the mechanism takes as little time as installing a small program on your PC. Just a few clicks away! Saving time and space means turning to VoIP telephony, especially as its lightning-quick installation means it’s easy to learn and use.

Domestication for all profiles

All company managers are familiar with all the sequences in the film: purchase of the program, staff training, appropriation of functions in demo mode, new settings in response to problems encountered, actual use in real-life situations. Does this series of actions ring a bell?

This is what happens when a new technology lands in a company to help it achieve its objectives. If you’re afraid of the same scenario when you think of VoIP telephony, think again. For your employees, getting to grips with the new tool’s settings will take just a few hours. And all without any outside assistance. Within a week of use, they’ll know how to use the software just like their smartphone.

Save up to 50% on your telecom budget

What will happen to your cash flow if your company opts for Voice over IP? The result will be a remarkable increase in its weight, thanks in particular to the different levels of earnings that will reduce or eliminate certain cash outflows. On the first level of profits are the initial investments. With a virtual switchboard, you can reduce the cost of a traditional PBX organization by up to 90%.

The second item in your budget that the virtual switchboard will cut is the cost of running it. The annual overhaul costs of a traditional system, the unforeseen expenses of an accidental malfunction, the salaries of switchboard operators – none of this is an issue with VoIP. Imagine the savings your company will accumulate.

Boost your company’s productivity

Smooth communications within a company raise all links to the same level of information. This accelerates teamwork and drastically reduces delays in task completion. One of the distinguishing features of VoIP telephony is its ability to guarantee instant, seamless communication. And when effective communication meets skilled staff, productivity soars to new heights.

A host of features to boost your communications

The advantage of virtual switchboards that most often attracts the attention of companies is their flexible configuration. Unlike a traditional PBX, nothing is set in stone with a call management software . You can start with a basic option and make subsequent adjustments as your SME grows. From two phone numbers, you can go up to 10 or even 50 without having to buy expensive new equipment.

What’s more, VoIP offers a host of features to make your communications easier. For example, we offer Click to Call. How it works is easier than saying its name! It’s just a little Chrome extension to make one-click phone calls to any destination. Set up music on hold, plan a call group, transfer calls to external terminals: the features of a VoIP switchboard will cover all your needs today and in the future.

In conclusion

Quick and easy to install, easy to learn, considerable cost savings, a host of innovative features: voice-over-IP telephony offers your business all these benefits and more. His choice will be to your advantage.

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