Why choose IP Centrex as your business telephony solution?

Pourquoi choisir l’IP Centrex comme solution de téléphonie d’entreprise
8000 clients already trust us

Because it is simple and easy to implement, IP Centrex telephony is attracting more and more businesses. Already in 2009, more than 35% of SMEs opted for this innovative solution, and since then the number of beneficiaries has continued to grow exponentially. And if it was time for you to see behind the curtain?

Specialist in the VoIP telephony system, our agency has a refined expertise to guide you in this adventure. But concretely why choose this solution? What are the benefits? Will it actually boost your performance? Overview of why you should choose IP telephony.

Integrate a modern solution into your way of working

In the past, PABXs, these traditional, massive and imposing PBXs, were the norm. But not very flexible and too expensive, they are now overtaken by this new generation solution . More dynamic, more scalable and above all less expensive, it is becoming the benchmark.

Indeed, classic PABXs have not received additional telephone lines since 2018. Therefore, migrating to IP Centrex is all about integrating modern, high-performance practices into the way you work. This is a strong argument with your partners and investors.

Offer a tailor-made solution to each employee

We offer a wide range of Kavkom offers for business telephony. From the Basic formula to the Premium formula, through the various other proposals, you choose the offer and the optional services that best reflect the aspirations of your SME or VSE .

In the end, your employees benefit from features that adapt to their profile, regardless of the position they occupy: manager, editor, community manager, etc., and the mission they fulfill within the team. As a result, their personal performance increases, which equates to a skyrocketing of business achievements.

Strengthen collaborative work within your structure

Kavkom plans cover all of your communication methods: instant messaging, video conferencing, real-time document sharing, voicemail, conversation recording, call group management, etc. This service pack of the VoIP switchboard promotes the fluid circulation of information within the company.

All actors receive the same information at the same time. This influences team spirit, cohesion and uniqueness are born between team members. But, as the saying goes, the best performance in the business world is not the result of one person.

They are the result of the work of an entire team.

Drastically reduce your communication costs thanks to IP Centrex

Outsourcing your switchboard to our agency helps you eliminate the maintenance costs that are so common and so high with traditional PABXs. No imposing physical installation to carry out, no maintenance costs to bear. In addition, your telecommunications bill is considerably reduced. With us, you subscribe to a monthly package and only pay the related costs. No hidden fees. Everything takes place in total transparency.

Improve the ergonomics of your premises

Unlike the usual switchboard, the system we offer does not require heavy equipment. Our technicians simply connect your phones to the IP network. Then they communicate with your computers, and that’s it.

In general, for a complete installation, count a month against several moons for traditional telephony. Since it is a virtual phone system , which is established through the cloud, you save space. And, icing on the cake, the sound quality of your calls is considerably improved.

Become more mobile and flexible

By using IP Centrex, you can use your data on the move. No need to be at your workplace to read your professional emails, answer your partners, make conference calls, communicate with your staff, etc. Thus, you gain flexibility and mobility. And for your international trips, you will no longer need to change your number in order to be reachable.

In conclusion

You will find flexible and practical IP telephony offers with us. We help you increase your productivity, strengthen your workforce’s team spirit, reduce your consumption costs and benefit from a modern solution that reinforces your brand image.

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