Virtual number and telephone codes: everything you need to know

Virtual number and telephone codes: everything you need to know
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Are you looking for a telephony solution that gives your business an international character? Obtaining a virtual number or DID Number accessible from a specialized operator could suit you. Note that with this type of service provided by a telecom operator, you feel closer to your customers. How to have such a number? Your Kavkom business phone solution provider explains it all.

The virtual number: what is it?

For a company established in several countries, should we have more than one switchboard to ensure communication with customers on each site?

Save yourself this type of question thanks to virtual numbers. In the form of a classic telephone address, it begins with the number 0 (Example of 01, 02, 05, etc.). It does not depend on any specific line and can only be used as a contact after being attached to a concrete fixed or mobile number.

It is a real solution for contact centers in that it is a showcase for the real or main number. When the caller dials it, the device redirects him to the terminal(s) (landline telephone, smartphone or computer) to which the virtual number is attached.

Thus, just like a company, the employee or individual service provider can use one or more DID Numbers for its conversion into a multinational. This is why it is accompanied by a plurality of telephone codes specific to different countries.

Virtual number and telephone codes: an advantageous combination for the image of your company

The virtual number brings many conveniences both for individual professionals and for their organization. And when you add the international prefixes, it allows you to:

  • present a local number to your customers on your web pages, stores or physical offices to guarantee proximity and trust with them;
  • keep your main contacts secret while displaying only your immaterial phone addresses during outgoing calls in each country;
  • be reachable at any time, even on the move, regardless of the terminal;
  • significantly reduce your communication bills with pricing at the price of a local call, even if you use several numbers;
  • etc

How to have a virtual contact?

To benefit from the advantages of the DID Number, the telecom operator of your choice grants it to you, on request, subject to a subscription. You can then attach it to the actual number you want.

Whether it’s your old contact or a new one purchased in stride, the virtual number guarantees portability.

However, the number is allocated to you according to the geographical area of use. Indeed, for operation at the national level, you have the option of selecting a contact preceded by the numbers 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. For special occasions, such as promotional sales, one-off events… these are the numbers with 08 or 0800 that your service provider will offer you.

For international use cases, it gives you access to the list of destinations where its services are accessible. It is therefore up to you to choose the ones in which you establish yourself. Thus, you will have a virtual number with the telephone code of the corresponding country for VoIP calls. To do this, all the caller has to do is dial the contact, preceded by the appropriate prefix.

In addition, to optimize exchanges with your customers, you can require a number that is easy to remember and dial.

But it will still be necessary to find a quality service provider.

Get your virtual number from your Kavkom provider

With a wide range of communication solutions for SMEs and SMIs, Kavkom has risen to the rank of references in its field. Indeed, we provide you with a virtual number that easily integrates into your automated call system .

It comes with many features such as redirection to terminals of your choice, personalized settings, voicemail, etc. All this from a minimum flat rate of €5 per month and per number. This assumes that according to your needs, we provide you with as many DID Numbers as possible.

And if you’re just starting out with us, get a Kavkom VoIP line to access a battery of additional benefits including a Centrex PBX and your virtual number.

Also, we support you in your international expansion by creating proximity with your customers who value it.

Discover below the list of countries and codes to which Kavkom gives you access.

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