The Kavkom WebPhone: the essential tool for working from home

The Kavkom WebPhone
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In the aftermath of the first sanitary measures, the adaptability that you had to demonstrate as a company may have proved to be a real challenge.

Aware of the difficulties that our customers and many other companies may encounter in the context of their daily missions, we wanted to offer an effective teleworking solution.

From this initiative was born the Google Chrome extension of our Kavkom WebPhone. If this integrated call software developed by us is not new, it turns out to be more relevant than ever, to the delight of its users. By offering cloud business telephony functionalities, our WebPhone Kavkom solution is directly in line with a line of technological innovations well known to SaaS telephony software professionals.

Kavkom WebPhone: simple multi-platform and secure integration

By offering the possibility of integrating directly into your Chrome web browser in the form of an extension, the Kavkom WebPhone now offers you to work remotely in a perfectly ergonomic way while respecting the relevant security standards.

The ease with which our telecommuting-oriented business telephony solution is installed and used is therefore further improved.

This simplified mobility technological initiative, perfectly integrated with your usual suite of tools, is therefore the beginning of a new era for your business telephony .

The WebPhone according to Kavkom: the era of nomadic professional telephony

By using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, the Kavkom WebPhone is a worthy successor to the digital mobility tools that have been colonizing your work routine for several years.

The tremendous competitive advantage, however, that our WebPhone confers is its ability to integrate without requiring complicated and time-consuming configuration to get you up and running in moments.

Indeed, contrary to a SoftPhone which turns out to be independent software, installable on your operating system and requiring a configuration procedure, the WebPhone is a turnkey extension which is added to your web browser. This is why its integration is guaranteed to be quick and efficient in just a few clicks, without requiring the intervention of a professional. Where the SoftPhone offers a tailor-made technical solution, the WebPhone is intended to be very democratic, celebrating the autonomy of its users in covering their current communication needs at a lower cost. The WebPhone also has the advantage of offer a certain number of classic features of the world of telephony. This is, for example, the case of ‘Talk First’. This transposition of old paradigms to the world of professional VoIP telephony offers perfect ergonomics for a quick start. The cloud business telephony solutions offered today by the formidable Kavkom WebPhone are only the tip of the iceberg. Indeed, you can respond to extremely precise specifications if necessary. To be convinced of this and to find out about the different technological possibilities available to you, you can consult our WebPhone or Softphone comparison.

When WebPhone Kavkom becomes the standard in cross-platform software

To fully understand the ‘Talk First’ feature mentioned above, just remember the following diagram:

  • Interlocutor 1 contacts interlocutor 2 by dialing his number;
  • Caller 2 receives the call from caller and learns from him that caller 3 wants to get in touch with him. The interlocutor agrees to chat with interlocutor 3;
  • Interlocutor 2 is now connected to interlocutor 3 to chat with him.

And this scenario is available on the main platforms of your collaborators. Chrome, Firefox, Edge… the most common browsers now support Kavkom’s WebPhone extension and the desktop versions for purists remain available on both Windows Os and Mac Os X.

This ability to adapt to all your peripherals makes Kavkom’s WebPhone a solution of rare comfort. However, its power does not stop there, since the quality of its data streams also make it one of the most pleasant tools to use.

Complying with the strictest security standards, the Kavkom WebPhone makes it possible to establish communication with controlled integrity thanks to the calls it allows on a dedicated IP line, in HD (High Definition) quality.

Finally, the Kavkom WebPhone goes further in the excellence of its response to the needs of its users, with extended and specific functionalities.

Kavkom’s WebPhone and its Chrome extension: incomparable potential

The potential offered to you by the Kavkom WebPhone, in particular through its Chrome extension, is therefore unparalleled.

Where a softphone is limited in terms of the size of its professional telephony fleet, available platforms, flexibility and interoperability, the Kavkom WebPhone exploits the powerful interconnection of Google Chrome, allowing you to work quickly and easily with many other tools.

Also, if the softphone will be quite suitable when you want to transform one of your workstations into a real virtual switchboard, using specific software, the WebPhone will suit you much better when it comes to telecommuting effectively.

The technology on which the Kavkom Webphone Chrome extension is based is that of the Cloud. Thus, the module installed on your web browser will use the VoIP service provided by a specialized server, which will completely relieve you and your collaborators of the need to understand and manage the operation of the software server.

For these reasons, the Kavkom WebPhone and its Google Chrome extension are the ideal solution in the age of generalized telework, offering you simplified handling of professional telephony software with proven efficiency, to allow you to focus on your business.

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