The advantages of a virtual telephone switchboard for a company

The advantages of a virtual telephone switchboard for a company
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Your business is growing and you need a more efficient and practical telephone solution to make your life easier? Maybe it’s high time you made the switch to virtual telephony. You need a virtual switchboard.

Why? It is a solution which does not require any installation and which offers you unsuspected possibilities. You are not convinced, a presentation of the main advantages that virtual telephony could bring to your company will undoubtedly help you to take the plunge.

No specific knowledge is required to take advantage of the solution

One of the biggest advantages of a virtual switchboard is that there is no need for special knowledge to operate and benefit from it. To obtain a professional number, all you have to do is register on the website of the IP telephony provider of your choice. Registration consists of filling in personal information and paying for the subscription. In short, nothing very difficult!


A switchboard available immediately

In traditional telephony, i.e. the PABX (Private Automatic Branch eXchange) telephone switchboard, several days are needed before having a functional switchboard because various devices must be connected to the company network with the help of an analog or digital telephone line. With a virtual switchboard , you don’t have to wait long since a few minutes are enough to configure the solution.



One of the major disadvantages of traditional telephony is that it offers no flexibility. Imagine the procedures to be done and the paperwork to be completed to reassign your telephone line to a new address! With a virtual switchboard, you will never encounter this kind of problem. If you move, you don’t have to reinstall: whatever your address, your switchboard will always work as if nothing had happened. Flexibility also insofar as the virtual switchboard is able to adapt easily to the growth of your company. If you need new numbers for your employees, you can get them in just a few clicks.


More mobility

Do you often work out of your office? Using a switchboard will be of great help to you. And for good reason, this solution offers you the possibility of managing all your customers’ calls at any time and at any time, from a single telephone thanks to an application offered by your supplier. In short, with IP telephony , you can follow your emails, your voicemails and of course your calls from a single device, which makes your daily life much easier.



Contrary to what one might think, cloud telephony is far cheaper than traditional telephony. Know that with the cloud-based solution, you will see your usual bill divided by 10. Why such an economy  ? Installing a virtual switchboard does not require any special equipment, dedicated space or complex infrastructure. You can set it up from your existing computer.


Advanced features

In addition to the traditional functionalities of a classic telephone switchboard (call forwarding, voice mail, etc.), a virtual switchboard offers other more advanced features that allow you to implement an effective sales strategy. Among them, we can mention: the dialing of the number in a single click, the realization of series of successive calls automatically…


Good quality calls

In those early days, the quality of VoIP calls left something to be desired. This is no longer the case today. With the evolution of the Internet and the emergence of ever more efficient networks, the quality of VoIP calls is now much better than that of traditional telephones. In fact, IP telephony currently requires up to 10 times less bandwidth than standard telephony.


International numbers

If you want to position yourself on the international market, opting for a virtual switchboard offers you the possibility of having an international number . To do this, you just have to add the number to your subscription. The request is made from the customer interface that your supplier makes available to you.


Minimal IT support

In standard telephony, it is necessary to dedicate an IT team to verifying the correct operation of the system and to carry out maintenance work if necessary. With the virtual switchboard, there is no need to put personnel or resources to maintain or troubleshoot the system.

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