Telephony / CRM coupling: essential for managing prospects?

Integrating Telephony Into CRM
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If CRM, Customer Relationship Management software, have contributed their stone to the construction of these vital interactions for the company, the innovations of Kavkom IP telephony have brought a breath of fresh air, via the telephony coupling and CRM, and enabled companies to take a decisive step forward in terms of effectiveness and performance in terms of Lead Management. Explanations

VoiP telephony, the power of digital

The advent of IP telephony has opened up a field of infinite possibilities compared to traditional PSTN telephony. In addition to the lightness and simplicity of installation – a simple broadband Internet connection is sufficient to access the system – the transformation of analog calls into digital data has opened the door to the intervention of IT, via the development of processing, analysis and follow-up of calls.

Once the telephony system was dematerialized in a cloud, all that remained was to connect it to Customer Relationship Management software to boost the commercial relationship. Mission accomplished by Kavkom with the development of a Hybrid CRM linked to the company Telephony System.

The Kavkom Hybrid CRM, the customer asset

The Kavkom CRM (Customer Relationship Management), simple and intuitive software, facilitates the management of leads and the organization of customer relations thanks to a range of relevant hybrid functionalities.

Coupled with the company telephone system , the Kavkom CRM proves to be formidable. From the Marketing campaign, the prospect integrates a conversion tunnel, and is accompanied at each stage by qualified agents. From the commercial service to the after-sales service, it is supported efficiently thanks to the tool kit made available. Files benefit from personalized treatment, on time, without any blunders. Customer satisfaction suffers and the company’s results soar. Here’s how.

1. Quick lead flow qualification

1 st advantage for the agents of the sales department; the express qualification of new leads. Supported by the hybrid functionalities of the Kavkom CRM, they process calls and new requests at the speed of sound. The automatic feedback of the customer file during the incoming call gives them access, via the online interface, to all the prospect’s data in real time. Qualifying the file during the call by completing the fields provided for this purpose makes it possible to determine in an instant the commercial interest of the request.

This information recorded by the first agent will be listed in the prospect’s interaction history with the company. History that future agents will have the opportunity to consult instantly, accelerating the processing of requests and the quality of commercial follow-up through judicious personalized responses.

2. Smart Incoming Call Management

Thanks to the coupling of telephony and CRM, the establishment of a Lead Management process – management of incoming requests – by the company’s sales departments is child’s play. The hybrid functionalities of the Kavkom CRM coupled with the phone system offer intelligent assistance to salespeople and save them precious minutes in managing incoming calls and customer follow-up.

Incoming calls are routed by the professional IPBX switchboard to the right departments and the management of double calls, call transfers, absences and connection with automatic answering machines is as fluid as the transfer of data on an IP line. .

When connecting, the agents, connected to the prospect’s customer file:

– Consult the appropriate sales pitch, pre-selected according to the origin of the leads and draw out the right arguments.

– Qualify the lead by completing the predefined fields and indicators and complete the sheets with valuable information for all of the company’s departments.

– Schedule appointments and reminders in the CRM calendar with adjoining notifications

– Initiate follow-up of the prospect with the sending of reminder SMS, pre-configured summary emails in 1 click via the customer file

Prospects turn into customers with diabolical efficiency.

3. Extension of marketing potential: Coupling with predictive campaigns and call robots

Once the Lead Management process – ability to welcome prospects and qualification of the flow of requests – has been established, the company can add a new stage to its rocket. A stage of revolutionary technologies ensuring the supply of fuel: generation of leads – potential customers – in mass via outgoing call campaigns autonomous or assisted by predictive dialing software and call robots.

Setting up independent sales prospecting campaigns is done in one click.

The salesperson connects to the CRM, imports his list of prospects, and begins to contact them via the online Web Phone, free of any installation or configuration.

If the sales department requires support in clearing its prospect files, rest assured: the firepower of the Predictive Dialer and Robots Dialer is at its entire disposal.

The algorithm of the predictive dialing software launches calls automatically and, equipped with “Predictive Kavkom” technology, frees the agent from filtering answering machines, the obstacle of faxes, the impasse of false numbers and the silence of numbers without answer.

While the Call Robot automatically broadcasts a pre-recorded voice message to millions of users.

A veritable “war machine” piloted from a single online interface, which, coupled with the CRM, ensures the new conquered market shares an irreproachable commercial follow-up.

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