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Ligne téléphonique virtuelle locale
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What is the benefit of installing a local virtual telephone line for your business? Choosing the virtual number best suited to your activities allows you to stay close to your suppliers, partners and customers. With Kavkom’s offerings, we are able to increase your local presence.

What is a Virtual Phone Line?

It is a virtual number intended for a landline or mobile. Its structure resembles that of the numbers we usually use. However, it does not match any physical phone line . It is used to forward incoming calls that you receive to the number of your choice. The latter can be yours, that of your company or that of your co-workers. This redirection can be done according to several parameters (schedules that you have pre-established, etc.).

Do you need one or more virtual numbers? By subscribing to a service provider, you can purchase a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number from any country and locality of your choice. It is therefore recommended to choose a number that is easy to remember, especially for your customers and prospects.

Virtual telephone line: several choices

Do you plan to use virtual numbers to encourage your customers to join you or win new prospects? You can enrich your client portfolio by opting for:

  • the free number , also called green number: it is adopted by national companies wishing to guarantee their customers calls without billing.
  • the geographic number : companies use this to indicate to their customers that this is their local representative. In this case, you have the possibility of redirecting the calls to a sales representative, a correspondent or a colleague located in another geographical area.
  • unmarked numbers : these are national numbers allowing your structure (VSE, SME, SMI) to be perceived as a national company in the mind of the caller.
  • premium and surcharged numbers : these are intended to filter the calls you receive. They limit the number of unwanted calls because of their cost. Indeed, the interlocutors who will contact you via these paid lines must have a real reason to use your services. These are serious prospects that you can convert into customers to expand your customer portfolio.

Local virtual number, an advantage for your business

The selection of the virtual number is based on specific needs and the image you want to project to your customers. Prospecting with a local phone line always yields better results. In addition, by creating a virtual number, you benefit from all the features associated with the use of a virtual switchboard . It is therefore an advantageous solution for different types of structure, ranging from VSEs to large companies. It does not generate any additional costs.

Do you run a business and want your private number to remain secret? Rather than resorting to another professional laptop, for example, creating a virtual line is enough. As a result, all calls will automatically be forwarded to this number. If your company is abroad, your customers’ calls will be redirected to your country even via the virtual number. You can thus be exempted from certain fixed costs.

Kavkom, affordable and reliable offers

Kavkom offers you solutions that are both quality and completely reliable, based on the innovations brought by VoIP technology . Since our creation in 2012, our company has been able to meet the various needs of our customers, in particular VSEs, SMEs and SMIs, in terms of professional telephony . Our equipment integrates more and more advanced features, organized on easy-to-use interfaces. Users also have all the essential tools to increase responsiveness and productivity regardless of their sector of activity. To adapt easily to the evolution of your company, we have included the creation of local and international virtual telephone lines in our services. This fully dematerialized telephony solution is quick to set up and simple to use and manage.
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