Fixed geographic number for businesses

Numéro géographique fixe pour entreprises
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Do you want to reinforce the professional image of your company? Kavkom offers you a simple and quick solution to set up : the geographical call number. What is that? What is the use of a fixed geographical number for a company? And who do you contact to access this telephony solution ? We answer your questions.

A geographic telephone number: what is it?

The geographic number is also called local number or fixed telephone number. It is, in effect, a virtual phone line used to present a local phone number to your customers. But while it looks the same as regular phone numbers, it doesn’t match any real physical line. The geographic number is only used to transfer your incoming calls to one or more terminals within your company.

A geographic number has 10 digits starting with 01, 02, 03, 04 or 05. In France, these prefixes correspond to the five large elementary numbering zones (ZNE) which are:

  • Zone 01, whose prefix is 01, for the Île-de-France region;
  • Zone 02, whose prefix is 02, for the northwest region and the Indian Ocean (including La Réunion and Mayotte);
  • Zone 03, whose prefix is 03, for the north-eastern region of France;
  • Zone 04, whose prefix is 04, for the south-eastern zone of France;
  • Zone 05, whose prefix is 05, encompassing the south-west region as well as the overseas communities and territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyana).

However, the geographical call number can also correspond to a fixed virtual number in international countries.

Why a fixed geographic number for business?

Obviously, having a fixed geographic number provides many advantages for your company. It allows, in particular, to:

  • Giving an image of proximity to your company :

The fixed geographic number system proves to be particularly advantageous in terms of the credibility of the company . It indicates, in fact, a local presence, which encourages customers to establish contact. Having a local number around the world will allow you to increase the level of confidence of your customers and at the same time, your sales.

  • Reduce your costs :

Using a local virtual number is also a good solution to get rid of some fixed costs . Indeed, all your outgoing calls, teleprospecting and marketing campaigns are routed anywhere in the world at the cost of a local call.

  • Be easily reachable :

Your customers’ collaboration largely depends on whether or not you are easily reachable. Thanks to a fixed geographic number for business, your local customers will be able to contact you on a line, the cost of communication of which is subject to no surcharge . In other words, the cost of calls to your geographic number corresponds to that of the local landline number. Your customers from all countries will definitely appreciate it.

Update on the Kavkom geographic number offer

The Kavkom geographic call number offer is developed to improve your professional image and allow your company to increase its international sales . We offer local numbers corresponding to several countries in all four corners of the world such as China, Australia, Philippines, France, Croatia, Finland, etc.

As a specialist provider of telephony and call center solutions , Kavkom offers you many exclusive advantages. Indeed, your fixed geographical call number is set up and operational in less than a minute after your order. And since it’s a virtual number, you can keep it and have access to it even if your premises change address. All you have to do is make the request and we will take care of the portability of your number.

Are you interested in having a fixed geographic number for business? Do not hesitate to subscribe to one of our packages . By ordering a Kavkom VoIP line, you receive a scalable professional Centrex PBX telephone switchboard with many features included and a geographic number. It is possible to add more geographical numbers at very attractive rates if you wish.

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