How does cloud telephony compare with traditional technologies?

Comment fonctionne la téléphonie en cloud par rapport aux technologies traditionnelles
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It’s becoming increasingly obvious that cloud telephony offers a whole host ofadvantages that make telecom management easier for businesses. What seems less clear is that some managers are reluctant to take the plunge into the world of IP centrex is that no special knowledge is required to operate it. Your employees’ current skills are more than enough to handle a virtual telephony installation. CQFD in this article!


Cloud PBX solution VS traditional telephony: the fundamental difference

The first feature that places the two systems on diametrically opposite sides is their start-up. A switchboard furnished with analog equipment can only be connected to a fixed line. All the settings and installations required for its use are carried out on the company’s premises. This is not the case with an IP centerx.

Visit VoIP telephony telephony outsources its functions, which it houses via dedicated software on megadata processing servers accessed by the cloud PBX solution provider. All you need is a digital access line or simply a mobile number to offer yourself to the configuration.

From this congenital difference flow all the advantages that give cloud telephony an edge over traditional organization.


Deflate the communication line in your operating budget

To manage your company’s communications with a 20th century telephone, you need to be financially sound. In fact, the way it works leaves no respite for your cash flow. Cash outflows go in almost every direction. The cost of opening a line, purchasing equipment, maintaining the network, remunerating the staff assigned to its optimal use: there’s no shortage of items that need to be lightened with hundreds of euros.

As for the operation of a call center in the cloud it eliminates almost all the costly lines associated with traditional telephony. You’ll be pleased to see that your annual balance sheet will carry less weight when it comes to telecom wording. Most solutions will give you a 50% saving on your usual expenses as soon as you cross the border.

Benefit from an infinitely flexible configuration

If there’s one advantage that allows cloud telephony to KO its older sibling, it’s undoubtedly its flexible nature. Seen from the angle of the availability of telephone numbers, the analogy gives you just one line. Does your company feel the need to assign numbers to newly created positions? She has to put her hand in her pocket. As a result, many decision-makers, anxious to safeguard their organization’s positive balance, settle for the second-best solution of a conventional intercom system.

But choosing the cloud gives your local network the possibility of generating almost infinite direct lines according to your entity’s needs. More generally, an IP solution evolves at the same pace as the company it supports.


In control wherever you are

Gone are the days when the business phone was synonymous with the fixed network. And one that can only be used on site, making it impossible to interact with partners or customers outside normal working hours.

The cloud telephony architecture supports use via all existing electrical terminals, including your smartphone. Just make the right settings to control your cloud panel from anywhere in the world. As far as your Internet connection allows.


Benefit from an avalanche of innovative features

When it comes to functionality, you’re only entitled to the basics. If the possibilities offered by traditional telephony form a river, the cloud system stretches out like an ocean. On the one hand, it’s just a phone with a fixed location and a few simple functions, such as setting up an answering machine.

On the other, a whole host of advantages: geographic number, predictive calling The list goes on!


In conclusion

As you can see, cloud telephony, compared with less current technologies, offers a disconcerting ease of operation. And that’s whatever you want your business to benefit from: multiple and varied functionalities, decentralized management possible via a mobile terminal, reduced costs…

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