Fixed mobile IP telephony server for companies

Fixed mobile IP telephony server for companies
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With the appearance of the IP network, it is now possible to make a call online . This innovation also gave birth to the fixed or mobile IP telephony server for businesses. This service popularized by mobile operators and call centers is gaining notoriety in other business sectors. Business VOIP provider Kavkom reveals the benefits of this feature.

IP server: instructions for use

Better known by the acronym SVI, the interactive voice server is defined as an automatic telephone reception service . Accessible from the number of a company or institution, it reacts to each action performed by the correspondent. This functionality depends on the configuration chosen by its user. The IP telephony server can for example give instructions according to the approach of the caller. As the latter clarifies his request, the IVS indicates the appropriate service or solution. In some cases, this device can also make calls. It is also possible to configure the availability of a server. The user can set when their server answers calls. In general, this service is available at all times.

What are the advantages offered by an IVS?

Able to manage several calls at the same time, the fixed or mobile server is distinguished by its autonomy. It thus contributes to the fluidity of communication. Its efficiency is also among the advantages it offers. The owner of the IVR lists in advance the different scenarios for which he receives calls. Subsequently, he introduces various solutions. This aspect of the voice server avoids loss of time and confusion in the answers.

If none of the proposed solutions correspond to the customer’s expectations, the server directs him to an agent of the company . To the extent that the server replaces or assists the switchboard operator, it has a positive impact on a company’s productivity and budget. Not only can each employee focus on their responsibilities, but the company can also dispense with hiring several teleactors.

In which area should a telephony server be used?

Due to its versatility and diverse functionality, the SVI lends itself to use in several areas. Banking institutions use it to stay in constant contact with their customers . The latter can then consult its balance and the history of its transactions. It also has the option of making a transfer or a payment. These actions can take place at any time of the day or week.

Indeed, the telephone servers responsible for the customer service of the banks are distinguished by their availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the medical sector, the server is used in various ways. Clinics and hospitals use this device to anonymously report test results to patients. In this sense, they provide them with a code giving them access to this information. In the context of a clinical trial, contract research organizations use IVS in order to easily process the data collected. For pharmacists, it is a tool for easily managing drug supplies and recording customer requests.

For survey companies, the virtual telephone server presents itself as the ideal tool for tackling delicate subjects such as sexuality, abortion or drugs. To express themselves on the question, the respondent will have fewer constraints to respond to a non-human interlocutor. Today, reality TV shows are generating an increasing number of calls due to telephone votes offered by producers. This trend has given rise to the creation of voice server platforms intended for the reception of calls.

How to obtain a fixed or mobile IP telephony server?

As part of the features of the switchboard, the voice server is obtained during the installation of a VOIP telephone line . From their websites, several operators reveal tariffs adapted to the needs of each customer. At Kavkom we offer Basic, Basic +, Basic ++, Standard and Premium packages. By choosing one of these offers, you benefit from unlimited calls, an easy-to-use tool, a subscription without commitment and without registration. In addition, purchasing a number from our company guarantees you mobility. Thanks to the Cloud system, we provide you with a virtual number compatible with various types of media and accessible anywhere. In addition, our virtual switchboard includes other options such as messaging to mail, call group and call waiting. For SMEs and SMIs, we have developed a special pack including a pre-answered announcement, a waiting announcement and voice mail.

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