Speed Test : Test Your VoIP Telephony

Evaluate the Quality of Your Connection with Kavkom

Run a VoIP test between your computer and Kavkom to estimate the voice quality you can expect from our service. For reliable results, perform this test via the network you intend to use. Select the number of simultaneous calls and start the test.

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Efficient telephone transition with VoIP Test

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Kavkom facilitates your transition from traditional telephony to a cloud system, assessing your needs and carrying out VoIP tests to ensure optimal configuration.

Kavkom Implementation Consultant

As soon as you purchase your cloud-connected phone system, a Kavkom consultant guides you through the key stages of deployment, from VoIP speed assessment to customer training.

Implementation methodology

Our approach, proven by over 50,000 successful deployments, includes assessment of :

  • Objectives of the new telephone system
  • Current features
  • Mobile devices and telephones used
  • Internet capacity and bandwidth
  • LAN and QoS configuration
  • Calling requirements for mobile employees
  • Call management and routing
  • Planning and deployment methods

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all your core functions and processes.








Optimisez votre téléphonie d’entreprise cloud

VoIP Pre-Deployment Test

It’s not just an audit; it’s a detailed strategy to ensure a risk-free transition, testing features like voicemail by email.

Complete infrastructure preparation

A consultant will help you assess your network’s readiness, including :

  • Bandwidth and speed tests
  • Connection quality assessment
  • Configuring network devices for QoS
  • Integration of fax and conference lines


Deploying a telephone system, cloud or PBX, requires careful planning. Kavkom, with its experience and expertise in IT and telephony, ensures a smooth transition to the cloud.

Are you ready to improve your communications?

Activate Kavkom on your existing device.

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