Exceptional call quality and reliability

Boost your performance from the very first call with the exceptional communication quality offered by Kavkom

hero-Qualité & Fiabilité

We guarantee the quality of your calls

Infrastructure d'entreprise de premier plan

Cutting-edge infrastructure for optimal performance

At Kavkom, we rely on the world’s top-performing international voice networks, bolstered by local partners. This unique fusion ensures exceptional call quality. Thanks to our use of the Opus audio codec, we guarantee you an uninterrupted experience, even in the face of network instability. Furthermore, our mobile applications are developed in native code for optimal performance

Fiabilité de 99,99 % du temps de fonctionnement

A 100% Reliable Architecture

Kavkom is built upon a robust software architecture, distributed across 7 global data centers. Our quality algorithm automatically selects the optimal telecom network in real-time, ensuring exceptional call quality. Try our service for yourself and experience our commitment to 99.99% service availability

Les alertes informatives améliorent la personnalisation de l'utilisateur

Stay Informed and Be Proactive

Our real-time in-app notifications keep you informed about network incidents, enabling users and administrators to take prompt action to maintain a stable and quality connection

Initiation et assistance exceptionnelles

A Successful Partner from the Start

Our dedicated implementation team guides you through every step of deploying our solution. From network audit to Quality of Service configuration, we implement best practices to ensure optimal call quality. Our Customer Success and Customer Care teams, located in New York, Paris, New Delhi, and Sydney, monitor your service quality in real-time using instant tracking tools

We guarantee the quality of your calls

Over 8000 clients already trust us
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