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Connect to our partnership network for unlimited communication with Kavkom. Join us in expanding your horizons.

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Marque Blanche partnership benefits

Kavkom offers you a solution that all our customers know and appreciate: robust, reliable, easy to use, ergonomic, intuitive and didactic.

Meeting customers' expectations without them even expressing them

Fonctionnalites standard telephonique

Sales performance

Boost your sales with a high-performance, reliable, scalable and user-friendly solution.

Un système de téléphonie avancé utilisé par une équipe informatique

Value-added technology

Add value to your brand by internalizing a promising, fast-growing and profitable technology.

Équipe travaillant ensemble de manière harmonieuse et efficace

Brand communication

Offer your panel of services coherent, consistent brand communication.

Unique customer experience

Offer your customers an exceptional experience by choosing Kavkom. Our solution lets you personalize every interaction to create memorable experiences that build customer loyalty.

Simplified customization

With Kavkom’s white label solution, your company can concentrate on its core business, without having to worry about service production. Kavkom white labeling lets you customize products to your customers’ specific needs, simplifying the personalization process.

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3 good reasons to choose Kavkom’s Marque Blanche program:

Reason number 1 - business telephony

Our white label program enables you to offer our telephony services under your own brand, with your logo and visual identity. This allows you to reinforce your brand image and differentiate your offer from that of your competitors.

Reason number 2 - business telephony

By opting for our white-label solution, you can increase your sales by offering telephony services to your customers, without having to worry about call management and infrastructure maintenance.

Raison numero 3 - telephonie entreprise

Thanks to our white-label solution, you can offer your customers high-quality telephony services, without having to develop your own solution. You benefit from proven, reliable technology under your own brand name.

Kavkom - range of practical features

Choose a partner
of trust

The Kavkom white label solution allows your company to concentrate on its own core business, without having to worry about product production and distribution.
The Kavkom white label lets you customize products to meet your customers’ specific needs.

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