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Why partner with Kavkom

Choosing Kavkom means investing in a recognized player in VoIP telephony.

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A commitment to excellence

Choosing Kavkom means choosing to work with a pioneer in VoIP telephony, renowned for the reliability of its solutions. We’re proud of our exclusive, fully-controlled cloud telephony, based on a robust, reliable infrastructure that surpasses conventional VoIP standards. Our commitment to technical excellence guarantees our partners and their customers a superior experience, marked by the solidity of our infrastructure.

Innovative collaborative partnership

Becoming a Kavkom partner means joining a community where collaboration and innovation are at the heart of every interaction. We value the importance of feedback from our customers and partners, integrating their experiences and needs into the ongoing evolution of our solutions. This user-centric approach enables us to transform our cloud-connected telephony into a truly business-critical solution, offering unique added value to our partners.

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Integrated solutions

Offer your customers unlimited communications and seamless integration with their CRM. Our solution improves efficiency and enriches the customer experience, setting you apart from your competitors.

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Increased revenues

Get free access to our services and discover a new source of income. Increase your competitiveness and create value for your customers and your company.

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Shared opportunity

Our partnership is designed to be accessible, with no initial investment required. Offer your customers an advanced solution while growing your business, without constraints.

Choose the program that meets your needs

Choose the partnership that’s right for your business, and grow your business with our professional telephony expertise.

Generate traffic, we'll take care of the sale

Affiliated partner

Simply direct leads to our site and we’ll take care of closing the sale. With our transparent commission system, your remuneration is automatically calculated. Enjoy unrestricted collaboration, focused on your strengths.

Use your network to make strategic connections

Sponsoring partner

If you’re recognized as a trusted advisor in your professional or personal network, the sponsor partnership is ideal for you. You don’t have to worry about the sale; we’ll take it from there. This partnership allows you to enhance your relationships while benefiting from a moderate commitment.

Control the sales process and enjoy total autonomy

Sales partner

For telephony specialists and digital professionals looking for total autonomy, the sales role is perfect. You manage sales, and potentially installation and operational support. This partnership gives you the freedom to explore cross-selling and up-selling opportunities with your existing business.

Our telecommunications solution will enrich your offering and benefit your customers

Position yourself as the preferred provider of advanced communication solutions for your customers.

Affiliate Sponsor Seller
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Dedicated tour guide examine examine
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Possibility of being accompanied
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