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Reduce your direct annual telephony costs by 40% by taking advantage of all the benefits of IP telephony with the Kavkom IP Centrex unlimited plans

Telephony is still and always the most popular means of communication in business.
If emails and instant messaging have developed strongly in recent times, they do not replace voice, which is essential in many respects.
Telephony is also changing rapidly, making it possible to combine multiple functionalities around its use.

It allows you to establish a direct link with your customers, prospect, relaunch, qualify your leads quickly and convert prospects into customers in an efficient way.
Telephony is also the most interactive means of communication, allowing you to obtain immediate answers both between your employees and also about your customers and suppliers.

IP Centrex

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Business telephony must therefore be both:



for use in all circumstances



to preserve the confidentiality of your data



for optimal call quality



into the company’s technological ecosystem



usable in all circumstances

Solution : Phone System

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voip custom package Kavkom
Ask for a personalized plan according to the needs of your business.
100% unlimited inbound calls
and outbound calls
To USA & Canada

Virtual number offered More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations
100% unlimited inbound calls
Receive call only Outgoing call blocked

Mobile redirection included
Virtual number offered More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations

Benefits of IP Centrex

Simplicity, performance, practicality, savings, etc. So many good reasons to opt for IP Centrex telephony for your business.

Tailor-made switchboard
Ask for a personalized plan according to the needs of your business.

What is IP Centrex telephony?

IP Centrex designates the outsourced management of corporate telephony, making it possible to dispense with the control of the voice over IP network (VoIP) system.

The Centrex IP solution makes life easier for businesses. It combines the advantages of the traditional telephone switchboard (PABX) with Internet telephony (VOIP). This hybridization is made possible thanks to the hosting of the private telephone exchange (IPBX) on a secure platform guaranteeing the routing of communications between the different telephone lines.

Why choose the IP Centrex telephony solution?

With the end of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) scheduled for 2023, the transition to IP technology will prove essential to continue to benefit from fixed telephony. Anticipate this change now by opting for Kavkom’s Centrex IP solution and already benefiting from a competitive advantage and the multitude of services offered by this technology (softphone, click-to-call, inter-site calls, sending e-mails, integrated CRM, etc.). The Kavkom Centrex IP solution offers mixed functionality for SMEs and large companies with an internal switchboard connected via the Internet. Therefore, it is a technology in the era of time that will revolutionize business telephony and replace traditional landline telephony.
Why choose the Centrex Ip telephony solution?
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