Discover a whole range of practical features designed for better call quality

Optimize your business phone systems thanks to Kavkom

VoIP IPBX switchboard, international virtual numbers, hybrid CRM software… Kavkom provides your company with all the benefits of VoIP telephony. Now connected to their workstations via a simple Internet connection, regardless of their location, your company’s agents gain in mobility, responsiveness, professionalism and performance, whatever the department concerned.

Kavkom - range of practical features

Customer service, call centers, after-sales service for online stores, telecommuting employees… all benefit from a range of telephony functionalities (call routing, number portability, call transfers…) coupled with IT solutions for prospecting (Predictive Dialer, Robot Dialer) and management (hybrid CRM). Kavkom transforms your company’s telephony with major technological innovations, for a minor budget. Hosted business telephony, freed from the constraints of hardware installation and maintenance: that’s the secret of the Kavkom unlimited package.

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