Why opt for a hosted IP Centrex telephone switchboard?

Pourquoi opter pour un standard téléphonique IP Centrex hébergé?
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Are you looking for a professional telephony solution for your company? Kavkom invites you to discover its hosted IP Centrex telephone switchboard . It allows you to always remain reachable, not to miss any calls and to be able to offer quality customer service. So you can take advantage of the best virtual switchboard on the market.

Hosted IP Centrex switchboard: comprehensive services

How does Hosted IP Centrex work? Our switchboard is an effective solution for businesses. Hosted in the Cloud of our servers, it routes telephone communications on your local (LAN) or external (WAN) computer network. All your incoming and outgoing calls will go through the IP protocol . With this system, you no longer need telephone wiring in your premises.

Do you want to have a telephone system adapted to your needs and gain in profitability? Cloud telephony is the solution for you. It does not need to be located on your premises. No additional budget will be allocated for its maintenance. It’s all up to your provider. Thus, it allows you to significantly reduce your telecom bill.

Combining telephony and internet, our solution convinces by its simplicity of use for your personnel, your customers and your suppliers. It is also reliable since it opens up to all the functionalities of conventional professional telephony:

  • call interception,
  • call log,
  • call screening,
  • sending and transferring calls,
  • double calls,
  • put on hold,
  • conference call, etc.

Hosted IP Centrex PBX: the benefits

Entrusting us with your business telephony allows you to offer quality services to your customers . By opting for our hosted IP Centrex, you do not have to invest in a PABX , another type of telephone switchboard that requires a large budget. The costs associated with acquiring, deploying and maintaining the PABX are particularly high for small companies.

Tailor-made, our offers are adaptable to your uses and requirements. Our virtual switchboard considerably reduces the costs of your calls. Indeed, hosted IP Centrex has the advantage of being:

  • efficient : its scalability allows it to be suitable for any type of structure, from VSEs to SMEs-SMIs . It has real-time synchronization and update tools. Our online telephone exchange gives access to a multitude of functions for your company or for call centers .
  • flexible : with our dematerialized services, you can access the multiple features of this telephone system wherever you are. It is easy to administer thanks to an online management interface . In terms of professional telephony for customer service, sales department, sales department, call center, etc., it covers all functional needs.
  • economical : no purchase or installation of material equipment is to be expected. In addition, it does not require any local intervention: you therefore do not waste time in installation or maintenance. You also do not have to resort to the services of a telecom specialist or an IT specialist.

Kavkom, a provider of choice

To boost the activities of your business, it is important that you have the best working tools. Our hosted IP Centrex switchboard offer allows you to be responsive to the needs of your customers. Since the creation of Kavkom in 2012, we have constantly innovated professional telephony with advances in VoIP technology. We have diversified our offerings to help businesses grow rapidly, providing them with a wide variety of communication solutions while optimizing their costs.

Thanks to our telephone exchange, you have access to all the features of a traditional PABX. You also benefit from modern and interactive tools that take full advantage of computer-telephony convergence (CTI). Outsourcing your telephone system to Kavkom allows you to enjoy unlimited calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to all of France, internationally, without forgetting to your internal landlines. With Kavkom, you take advantage of cost-effective telephony, very practical for multi-site agencies, start-up companies, whatever their size.

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