Purchase international landline virtual number

Ensure your international visibility by purchasing an international fixed virtual number. Kavkom offers you its offer.
Purchase international landline virtual number
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Do you have many ongoing activities beyond your country or do you want to expand your business internationally? Technological innovations now make it easier for you: a single number for all your devices ! Indeed, many service providers, including Kavkom , currently offer the purchase of virtual international landline numbers. What is it about?

What is a virtual number?

An innovation accompanying VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony, a virtual number is a local telephone number not attached to a specific telephone line. It works like a traditional phone number. However, it can be activated on multiple devices (phone, tablet, computer) or a set of devices. One number is enough for everyone, no matter where you are. Only internet access is required.

In general, it is a fixed national number, of the nation or nations of your choice, which you can use even to call internationally. The virtual number is also known as the geographic number or DID number for Direct Inward Dialing. It usually starts with 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 09 or 08 depending on the geographical area.

The advantages of an international landline virtual number

As mentioned above, you can assign yourself a fixed virtual number of a specific nation , regardless of where you are. Example: you are doing business with the Netherlands, but the people in charge of negotiating are in France, so you use your fixed virtual number from the Netherlands. With a fixed virtual number, you can easily be reached wherever you are.

In terms of customer benefit, calling a virtual number does not constitute any additional expense. Indeed, the call is billed only at the price of a local call. For you, you realize substantial savings on your telecom bills . The cost of your calls will be included in your internet bill.

Thanks to its many features, including the voicemail, you can offer a completely professional and instant welcome to your customers. They can interact directly with the calling bot to get what they want. As for you, in case of messages, you receive them in your voicemail.

The fixed virtual number: for whom?

The most advantageous in the use of a fixed geographic number are:

  • Telephone secretaries: from your extension, you can call your customers even if they are abroad.
  • Companies with international activities: for each of your customers, depending on their nationality, you can offer them a local number.
  • Customer service agencies: the local number displayed at the customer’s location reassures them that the agent at the end of the line is capable of resolving their problem. It gives a more professional image of your company. In addition, agencies no longer have to assign themselves many numbers even if they have several telephone sets.
  • Independent contractors: you use the number as a professional number. You therefore do not have to communicate your personal number. Also, with the call forwarding feature, you can receive your calls on the device that is available to you at the time of the call.
  • Multi-site companies: a single number is enough to centralize all your calls even if you have several sites in the world.

Buying an international landline virtual number at Kavkom

Many service providers offer the sale of international landline virtual numbers. However, the offers vary from one provider to another. If others only sell the geographic number, others offer it with a whole range of functions , which is our case.

Indeed, when you integrate VoIP telephony from Kavkom, you also get a Centrex PBX switchboard and a geographic number. You will also benefit from parameters such as:

If you wish, we also take care of the portability of your number. That is, in case you don’t want to change your existing work number, but just want to make it virtual, we can do that for you.

Depending on your needs, you can add other fixed virtual numbers to your switchboard. From one country to another, the features accompanying our package may vary. The list of countries whose number we can assign you is available on the site.

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