IP Centrex VSE SME offer

IP Centrex VSE SME offer
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Do you need to modernize your company’s telephone system without having to invest heavily in new hardware? At Kavkom, discover our tailor-made professional telephony solutions , including our IP Centrex TPE PME offer . The latter is perfectly adapted to the size of your company and the nature of your activities, administrative, commercial or other.

IP Centrex TPE PME offer: do without the analog telephone network

The use of the switched telephone network (RTC) is gradually declining and is coming to an end. It is high time for small and large companies to migrate to VoIP , this new telephony system based on the exploitation of the Internet Protocol (IP). Thanks to this feature-rich technology , you will continue to receive and make calls on a smaller budget since you only pay for your monthly subscription. IP telephony has many advantages over the analog telephone network:

  • Its simplicity of installation and use allows you to quickly adapt to its handling . With its multiple scalable features, our virtual switchboard facilitates your business communications.
  • For the marketing department and those in charge of customer relations, this system will help you gain in responsiveness and efficiency . You then benefit from an unlimited number of calls to mobiles and landlines, as well as to international destinations.
  • This solution also allows you to take full advantage of the connection of your entire fleet (telephones, faxes, PCs, videoconferences, etc.) to your internal computer network (LAN), itself connected to our private Kavkom network. . You thus benefit from the same functionalities as a classic telephone switchboard (PABX) thanks to this telephony/computer convergence which will make the routing of all your communications more fluid.

IP Centrex TPE PME: offers adapted to your structure and your budgets

Our solutions cover the majority of business needs. Simplify your telephony with the different packages available to you as part of our IP Centrex offer. Whether you run a very small business or an SME , the options we offer are easily adaptable to the needs of your customer service , your administrative staff or your sales department. The diversity of our subscriptions allows you to improve or further develop your telephone and business communications.

What are your real needs? Our team of experts in VoIP technology can help you establish a budgetary and technical audit of your telephony. They will thus be able to provide you with expert advice on the IP Centrex offer that best suits your expectations. For example, you can do without certain third-party options or services. Before subscribing to the telephone package that matches your consumption, it is important to analyze your telecom bill , not to mention the related applications and their prices. As a result, you can reduce the budget allocated to your telephony.

Kavkom, your partner for increased growth

Our IP Centrex TPE PME offer gives your company a competitive advantage . Our dematerialized solution allows you to make savings in terms of investment for a professional telephony switchboard. Innovative and scalable, each of our offers is adapted to your structure. Indeed, our Centrex is a hosted IP telephony system. You do not have to buy additional equipment since no equipment is to be installed on your premises. The switchboard that we offer you in monthly subscription works in Cloud mode. You benefit from the many innovations brought by VoIP technology (Voice over IP) via this system outsourced to Kavkom.

Our experts will assist you in assessing your needs in terms of telephone services (customer services, etc.) and in configuring your new virtual switchboard . We take care of everything necessary, because all the material infrastructure essential to guarantee the proper functioning of your ToIP is located on our premises. Thus, your company will be free from any financial and technical constraints related to the installation and maintenance of the equipment used.

To better satisfy companies (PTE, SME and SMI), we offer them several options such as unlimited plans, consumption or even tailor-made subscriptions . One of the advantages of our IP Centrex VSE SME offer is that it includes multiple scalable features such as fax to mail, conference calls, voicemail by email, company directory, etc. They will help you to revitalize the organization of your business communications and consequently increase your sales volumes and your other commercial activities.

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