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In a connected and digitized environment, the communication needs of the company have evolved considerably. The traditional telephone system is no longer in line with the expectations of employees and customers. To generate more leads, facilitate teleworking, gain in interactivity, you have to switch to intuitive and modern communication. The quality of communication both internally and externally determines the performance of your organization. Take advantage of Kavkom’s VoIP telephony solution to gain competitiveness!

The benefits of VoIP telephony

Although traditional telephony has always maintained an essential communication service, it no longer meets the real expectations of the company. The heaviness of the logistics installation, as well as the cost of maintenance weigh on the annual communication budget. It was necessary to have a technical room and hire technicians to ensure installation and maintenance. All this encourages to change its business telephony system.

The advent of new communication solutions has changed the situation. The cloud has made it possible to expand the functionalities of the Phone System coupled with the CRM . VoIP technology has made unified communication possible, highly valued for its advantages in terms of mobility, interactivity and geographical coverage.

Why a VoIP mode of communication?

VoIP communication uses the internet network to route your voice calls. Kavkom recommends this system, which does not require heavy wiring because all communication takes place via the Internet. The result is fluid, flexible and interactive communication for a better user experience.

Thanks to VoIP technology, Kavkom allows companies to benefit from all the advantages of unified communication. Indeed, the IP architecture facilitates communication between fixed and mobile stations, thus giving more interactivity and mobility to its users.

Internal and remote employees can communicate easily and via any device: computer, smartphone, videoconference, etc. VoIP communication is, therefore, the most efficient tool to optimize teamwork and boost the productivity of your employees.

Converting your leads has never been easier with Kavkom. Its VoiP communication solution facilitates the management of your customer relationship. It is also the most successful communication tool for companies whose core business is based on CRM management.

Entrust Kavkom with the change of your business telephony. Your customers will immediately feel this transformation and their satisfaction will be increased tenfold. Indeed, with VoIP calls, they feel taken care of at the right time and enjoy smooth communication thanks to HD call quality. The use of the IP protocol also guarantees the scalability of your communication network. As such, Kavkom gives you the ability to add new user positions as your organization grows!

With a low maintenance cost, it is all the more advantageous to change your business telephone system to VoIP mode. You will no longer have to devote a large budget to the maintenance of your network. Kavkom’s tailor-made technical assistance will be your best ally to update the system and add new user stations in complete autonomy.

Opt for a cloud phone system

Does your communication spending fluctuate? Does your telephone system often break down, penalizing your employees? Are you having difficulty with prospecting campaigns and customer relationship management? Situations like this point to the need to change one’s business telephony system.

Kavkom offers you all the power of the cloud telephony system so that you can boost the performance of your sales team, maintain fluid and continuous communication! Above all, Kavkom gives you the power of a hybrid CRM tool.

Thanks to Kavkom’s Phone System, you can manage outgoing call campaigns, broadcast commercial messages to your targets, plan calls with the CRM tool. This Cloud switchboard will facilitate prospecting, making appointments and monitoring your customers.

With Kavkom, your business telephony gains in performance and autonomy. In addition, you will benefit from unlimited plans guaranteeing freedom of exchange at any time and in any place. In addition, the data is encrypted to guarantee ultra-secure exchanges, even remotely.

Take advantage now of all the advantages of the VoIP solution by subscribing to your Kavkom provider. This dematerialized communication solution is a performance lever and a vector of growth for your company!

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