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Have you decided to install a VoIP phone to boost your productivity? Kavkom, your VoIP telephone operator for business.
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Over the past few years, corporate communications have undergone a real evolution. As part of the modernization of business communications, corporate telephony professionals offer innovative solutions that are as practical as they are reliable, including VoIP telephony. You too are planning to adopt this technology, but you don’t know which VoIP business telephone operator provider to choose? Kavkom, your partner in business telephony, can help you find out more.

VoIP telephony, next-generation communication

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephony is a technology that combines IT and telephony to convert voice into a digital signal before transmitting it to one or more correspondents. It uses the Internet to route voice communications to IP-compatible networks. This technology was developed not only to improve and modernize improve and modernize business communications but also to provide a better user experience.

Since its launch, VoIP telephony has continued to win over many companies. Thanks to its practicality and reliability, this technology is becoming increasingly popular. Since communications take place via the Internet flows are much faster which helps companies boost their performance.

VoIP telephony installation: the benefits

VoIP telephony is currently one of the most widely used means of business communication. Why? Because it offers many advantages, both financial and practical.

  • The system is much easier to install and configure, as it uses the company’s own Internet network. What’s more, the it is inexpensive to set up and deploy . There’s no need to add or buy extra cables, as the company’s own Internet network is more than sufficient.
  • Unlike traditional telephony, which uses copper cables, VoIP telephony uses the Internet Protocol for data transmission. This optimizes workflows, improves communications and data security .
  • VoIP technology makes it easier to connect remote subsidiaries, sites or agencies by connecting them to a single network. In addition, communication costs are the same, regardless of the location of the correspondents.
  • All terminals are linked to a single protocol, making them easy to manage and maintain. You can also add additional positions when a new employee arrives. You can also configure the system according to your needs: call forwarding, call filtering, contact sharing, call restriction, etc.
  • Wherever you are, moving or on the move, you keep the same phone number. Your colleagues can easily reach you, as long as you have an Internet connection and are attached to the system.

VoIP telephony installation for businesses: which operator to choose?

With so many service providers on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to turn to and entrust with setting up VoIP telephony for your business. Before choosing your business telephone provider, there are several criteria to consider:

  • Your needs:

You’ll need to define your main objectives, your missions and your expectations. You also need to know what type of service is right for you: opening a line, creating additional stations, expanding the network or other.

  • The materials you have available:

To avoid unnecessary financial outlay, make sure you have the resources you need to adopt VoIP technology. For example: Internet connection, cabling, infrastructure…

  • Services included:

Before choosing a particular operator, check whether its services include full support. Basically, the business telephony professional must carry out a study of your needs and propose appropriate solutions (subscription, software…), carry out the installation, commissioning and programming, provide regular follow-up and offer a support service in the event of a problem.

Why choose Kavkom?

Kavkom was launched in 2012. These few years of experience have enabled us to improve the quality of our services and tools on a daily basis. Since our launch, we have used every means at our disposal to create reliable, practical and innovative solutions and tools. As a result, we strive to build relationships based on mutual respect and trust. with our customers. To ensure customer satisfaction, we develop tailor-made tools adapted to their needs.

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