Business telephony on the cloud by VoIP: Kavkom is there to optimize everything

Professional telephony on the cloud by VoIP
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In the aftermath of the first feats of digital transformation, many companies find themselves drowned under the performance of the competition. This problem is particularly true for certain time-consuming tasks requiring a good deal of skill.

Prospecting, in this case, is a significant budget item for many organizations.

Having trouble keeping up with the age of connected objects? Your telephone bill is constantly increasing while your client list remains the same? It’s time to upgrade to a business telephony solution. What Kavkom offers its partners today is neither more nor less than the freedom to manage their business telephone communications from anywhere to anywhere in the world. unique qualities? What can you expect? Welcome to the world of business telephony 2.0 where professional telephony and exceptional service go hand in hand.

What do high-end business phones look like?

Kavkom business phones are first and foremost classic phones. You will find all the usual functions that you could expect from a telephone, namely:

  • Make local calls;
  • Make international calls;
  • Send SMS messages.

However, where the Kavkom solution stands out from your traditional box is in its set of intelligent functions and in its ability to meet your needs for automation, monitoring and tailor-made adjustment of your communications and analysis of their feedback.

A creative and professional CRM for telephone prospecting close to your customers

Indeed, Kavkom proposes to revolutionize your professional telephony by offering you a set of unique and well thought-out functions, the following 3 of which will make your life much easier:

  • A CRM (Content Management System) allowing you to set up an optimized management of your customer relationship;
  • A PS (Phone System) transforming your computer into a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) IPBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange) switchboard;
  • A set of virtual phone numbers that you can determine geographically in order to offer your prospects a proximity experience that will delight them.

The Kavkom CRM was designed specifically to meet the needs of SMEs and GEs looking for a professional computerized management tool solution for their customer relations. Simple and intuitive, the Kavkom Hybrid CRM is indeed a software specially developed by our teams in order to fit directly into a well-thought-out workflow, communicating with our PS.

The main power of the functionalities of the Kavkom CRM for cloud business telephony lies in particular in its ability to:

  • Realize in real time, at the end of the telephone conversation, the recording in the database of the conversion of your prospect into a customer;
  • Monitor the life cycles of your relationship with each of your clients, individually and systematically;
  • Provide you with a set of tools allowing you to assess the status of your customer on the way to their loyalty or even their transformation into an ambassador of your brand.

Lead management, SMS and email sending based on standard and customizable templates, tags that can be modified at will, event creation and synchronization with personalized calendars by prospect/client/collaborator… The potential of the professional telephony solution that is Kavkom CRM is infinite, and the results that you can expect from it are all the greater as it once again integrates perfectly with the Phone System with which it is delivered to you.

The Kavkom Phone System: a trio of unique advantages

Economical, practical and flexible: this is the motto of the PS developed by Kavkom for the simple and good reason that our teams know how tedious the adoption of a new technological solution within your company can be.

Also, by making our professional telephone system as intuitive as possible, we guarantee its smooth adoption by your employees, whose lives will be made easier.

However, we also keep in mind that danger lurks on the Internet and that you must remain responsible for your customer data. In order to help you respond effectively to the needs imposed by the GDPR but also to your own security needs, we have also developed our Phone System, ensuring that it delivers to you and your prospects and customers a fully secure communication.

Your telephone calls in connection HD (High Definition) requiring no maintenance is in fact fully outsourced without additional hardware required. We therefore had to combine this flexibility (which translates into the opportunity to add a line to your professional telephony fleet at any time) with security maintenance by Kavkom teams, guaranteeing the integrity of your network on each call.

Opting for Kavkom’s Phone System is therefore ensuring that you have the best solution available today in this area.

So, ready to get a tailor-made business switchboard with Kavkom business telephony solutions?

From now on, take advantage of your subscription to Kavkom services to make international calls at local rates. The registration process is done in three clicks:

  1. Validate your email address at
  2. Complete your account details.
  3. Take advantage of a free minute to test the potential of Kavkom.
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