How to simplify and automate your customer relationship management?

Comment simplifier et automatiser la gestion de votre relation client?
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Do you want to optimize the performance of your call center? Discover our IP Centrex call center solution designed to meet your professional telephony and customer service needs. Simple and scalable, it uses VoIP technology so that you can save money on your telecom bills and increase your turnover. Kavkom experts are at your disposal to help you master the required tools.

Call center: operation and role

Businesses are making increasing use of call center services . These are responsible for partially or entirely managing the relationship between the company and its customers, not to mention its staff and partners. Internal or external, this platform mobilizes significant technical resources. Indeed, a call center takes advantage of the many innovations brought by new information and communication technologies. To increase efficiency, it is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment: VoIP telephones and CRM. Integrating IT with telephony, our IP Centrex call center solution makes it easy to manage the customer relationship of various national and international companies. Telephone activity is the mainstay of call centers. Thanks to our IP Centrex, you will be able to provide personalized services. For incoming calls, they revolve around any service directly related to customers:

  • telephone reception,
  • provision of information,
  • advice and assistance,
  • taking orders,
  • after-sales service, etc.

Benefiting from free and unlimited outgoing calls, your call center will see its level of production increase. They will contribute to the achievement of:

  • surveys ,
  • surveys,
  • opinion polls,
  • making appointments,
  • marketing studies,
  • telemarketing,
  • telesales,
  • advertising, etc.

IP Centrex call center, advanced features

Complete, our offer adapts to the needs of your company’s customer service and by extension to all trades. Compared to traditional telephony, you will have access to a large number of additional features resulting from the use of IP Centrex as a telephone switchboard . Combined with our call center software, it allows you to free yourself from various technical constraints . With our tools, you can use your usual telephony services and take advantage of the various communication functions to manage:

  • your multi-site reception,
  • Queues,
  • call transfers,
  • business directory,
  • conferences with several people, etc.

On the application side, depending on your profile, you have access to our software:

  • automatic dialing via the automated call system,
  • management of reception and transmission campaigns,
  • telephony and computer coupling,
  • supervision of the activities of your call center,
  • real-time monitoring of campaign statistics,
  • generation of statistical reports on calls, etc.

Your telephone system remains hosted in our data center. You no longer have to worry about managing it. The installations on your site are reduced to what is strictly necessary : only telephones adapted to VoIP technology and network equipment (switch, modem and routers).

Kavkom, a key partner for your business

Kavkom has been pursuing its technological innovations since its creation in 2012. Our offers based on VoIP (Voice over IP) have completely changed the world of business telephony. Whatever the size of your company (from a small business to a multinational), we help you set up tailor-made call centers with our IP Centrex offer. For a successful deployment of your call center, we support you in defining your needs, adopting the plan that best suits your telephony expenses and setting up the necessary equipment (telephones, etc.). We are also at your side to train you in the use of the various functionalities of this outsourced telephony system.

Our solutions are adaptable to the needs and expectations of your contact centers. You can thus provide personalized services. Our experts in call center solutions will provide you with practical advice for:

  • help you increase productivity,
  • improve the quality of your services,
  • manage your activities efficiently,
  • optimize the company’s relations with its customers,
  • personalize customer services,
  • gain new customers and retain them, etc.

In short, we help you set up a call center that is both easy to administer and productive . To find out more: VoIP operator for call center

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