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Boost your productivity and make your telemarketing easier! Use Kavkom's simple, efficient and reliable automatic telephone caller.
Telephone call machine
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Are you looking for effective ways to improve call center productivity? Why not implement a software solution to facilitate the delivery of your voice messages? Kavkom offers a range of efficient, reliable and easy-to-use telecommunications tools and services. Our products include predictive calling software, automatic telephone call systems, automatic mass caller etc.

What is an automatic calling machine?

An automatic caller, call robot or telephone robot is a system capable of automatically trigger outgoing calls to broadcast a pre-recorded voice message to a list of contacts. In other words, this technology makes it possible to call a large number of prospects without having to dial their numbers. This type of tool can be used for a variety of purposes: opinion polls, market research, sales prospecting… Depending on customer requirements, call robot software can be customized. Above all, it was created to facilitate the work of call centers and optimize the productivity of their agents.

Specific features of automatic telephone call systems

Normally, call center agents take a long time to finalize telemarketing: days, weeks, even months. The call robot has been developed to lighten their workload and boost their performance. Indeed, as the tool is capable of calling numerous numbers simultaneously, the agent no longer has to leaf through a long list of contacts or call prospects one by one.

Another feature of an automatic telephone call system is its simplicity of installation and ease of use. To set up the call software, it needs to be installed on the company’s computers. Configuration is carried out via the management interface. Next, import the contact list and select the voice message to be broadcast. To complete the operation, simply start the software.

Why choose the Kavkom automatic telephone call system?

As with any telephone robot, Kavkom ‘s main role is to broadcast voice messages to millions of people simultaneously. It can trigger up to 60,000 outbound calls per hour per campaign. Telephone call software saves you a lot of time.

Choosing to install Kavkom’s automatic phone call system also means you can personalize your voice messages. Text-to-Speech technology makes it easy to personalize the message you want to send. For example, you can include the name and other personal information for each recipient. Another advantage of Kavkom call software: direct display of each agent’s results. This is ideal for achieving objectives, but also, and above all, for improving performance and productivity. What’s more, there’s no need to spread the contact list across different files. All you need is an Excel sheet to create your mailing list. In addition to the ” Auto Dialer ” program, the Kavkom automatic phone dialer also features an intuitive server function, making it even more practical. This function allows the recipient to interact with the software using the keys on their telephone. Then, depending on the context, the system records his choices or redirects him to advisors.

Kavkom, a platform designed to support your success

Kavkom was created to optimize business growth and improve business communications. We develop and offer a range of telecommunications tools and software solutions to make call center work easier. We offer VoIP lines, virtual switchboards and geographic numbers. We also offer a wide range of software to help you improve the quality of your services and boost your productivity.

Since 2012, we’ve been constantly looking for ways to satisfy our customers. We easily adapt to new technologies and use them to create even more efficient and reliable tools. We strive to build relationships with our customers based on mutual trust and listening. At Kavkom, integrity, respect and transparency are our watchwords.

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