The Phone System

The Kavkom Phone System is the ideal solution for your workplace telephony. See your company benefit from a professional switchboard with VOIP IPBX technology and innovative features at a reduced cost.

A Revolution for your business

Simplify your workplace telephony

Kavkom brings together a complete workplace telephony system and a CRM, Customer Relationship Management software on a single web interface. An immediate, modern, and high-performance telephony solution requires no complex installation, no specific hardware, and technical knowledge. You can start working in 2 minutes flat. Are you ready?

What is a Phone System?

The virtual switchboard of business VOIP and IPBX is a workplace solution based on the Internet Protocol (IP), with equipment hosted directly with the operator. In short, this system allows you to connect your telephone stations to the Internet or to use the WebPhone, a virtual touchpad from your web interface, to communicate unlimitedly and manage communication flows with an online switchboard.

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The advantages of the Kavkom Phone System

The Kavkom Phone System provides access to a full range of communications services:

Advantages - Fully outsourced infrastructure and no maintenance costs


With no maintenance costs, nor the purchase of additional tools (CRM, Softphone, etc.), a simple broadband internet connection is all you need to manage your in-house telephony.

An easy interface


Your teams can access the Kavkom Phone System via the Web interface, which, coupled with an intuitive CRM, integrates a multitude of features, including the WebPhone.

An easy interface


From the four corners of the world, benefit from direct access to your workplace telephony and CRM on your computer or smartphone (iOS or Android).



You can manage your workplace telephony with absolute autonomy with no installation required. And safeguard your brand image as well, by way of Customizable Voice Servers.


Solution : Phone System

Prorated invoicing & no obligations !


voip custom package Kavkom
Ask for a personalized plan according to the needs of your business.
100% unlimited inbound calls
and outbound calls
To USA & Canada

Virtual number offered More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations
100% unlimited inbound calls
Receive call only Outgoing call blocked

Mobile redirection included
Virtual number offered More than 60 countries, more than 10,000 locations

Kavkom Phone System: increased flexibility

Tailor-made switchboard
Ask for a personalized plan according to the needs of your business.

The advantages of your Kavkom VoIP provider

Kavkom’s VoIP unified communication tools enable businesses to increase their productivity.

The advantage of a dematerialized telephone switchboard

Each Kavkom line gives your employees access to a highly comprehensive online virtual switchboard. Combined with a WebPhone, the CRM offers multiple functionalities, better control of business telephony, and, ultimately, better management.

The rising business telephony solution

The majority of businesses today rely on Kavkom VOIP technology to manage their business telecommunications. VOIP (Voice Over IP), IP Telephony, IP Centrex or ToIP (Telephony Over IP)… all these terms designate the same reality: the passage of telephone communications by IP (Internet Protocol – the communication protocol used by the Internet). This mature technology is efficient, scalable, easy to install, and connected to your communication tools.
It offers a new face to business telephony by enabling it to meet the growing demand for telecommunications.

Reducing business telephony costs

The Kavkom Phone System drastically reduces the costs of company telephone communications. Bypassing all telephony over IP, access to dematerialized lines eliminates a traditional telephone system (PSTN). Kavkom: the most advantageous Phone System on the market! It is guaranteed free of installation costs. No physical installation, no additional hardware, no cabling is required. The Kavkom Phone System is accessible from your computer equipment, smartphone, tablet, and PC. In the Kavkom plan, calls are unlimited, and there are no hidden costs! Contact one of our advisors to estimate the amount of savings your company can make by replacing your current telephony solution with a Kavkom Phone System.
In less than one minute, expand your workplace telephony
and test all of Kavkom’s potential on its secure platform
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