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Improve the efficiency of your sales force

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Make communication within your company easier

Kavkom integrates a complete communications infrastructure for your company and your CRM into a single web platform. A modern, efficient approach to instant communication that requires no complex installation, special equipment or advanced technical skills.

Unlimited incoming and outgoing communications.
Easy integration with leading CRMs.
Easy number portability for a smooth transition.

Start up in just 2 minutes.

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“We’ve increased our targets by 10% thanks to the insights we’ve gained from call identification and analytics provided by Kavkom’s telephony solution.”

Jules Romano
Co-founder @ Formideo

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What is a telecommunications device?

Our virtual corporate standard, based on VoIP and IPBX, represents a professional approach to IP-based communications, with equipment managed directly by the service provider.

  • Customization of Interactive Voice Response (IVR).
  • Detailed statistics for in-depth analysis.
  • Call recording for optimal customer follow-up.

In short, this infrastructure enables you to connect your telephone devices to the Internet, or to use the Web Phone, a virtual touch-sensitive numeric keypad accessible from your web platform. It ensures unrestricted communication and smooth management of exchanges thanks to an online standard.

“We evaluated several service providers, and Kavkom emerged as the only option that allowed us to tailor our customer service requirements to suit our unique business practices.”

Pierre Roche
Managing partner of Groupe OREL

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Access to a full range of communication services

Kavkom places data security at the heart of its priorities, ensuring that your sensitive information is protected in all circumstances. Whether you’re dealing with medical, financial or other data, security is our top priority. With Kavkom, you can rest assured that your data, and that of your customers or patients, is safe and secure.

  • Advantages – With a totally delocalized infrastructure and no maintenance costs.
  • Economical – No maintenance costs or additional tools (CRM, Softphone, etc.). A simple broadband Internet connection is all you need to manage your company’s communications.

Kavkom implements robust security strategies, including end-to-end data encryption, offering maximum protection against potential threats. What’s more, Kavkom adheres to strict industry standards, such as HIPAA for the handling of protected health information, and complies with regulations such as the RGPD. You can therefore rest assured that your data will be handled securely and in accordance with the highest standards of data protection.

Compliance with GDPR laws
Compliance with GDPR laws of June 2018
Phone system approved by the CNIL
Phone system approved by the CNIL
Features, blacklists certified by bailiff respecting the 2020 law
Blacklists certified by bailiff respecting the law 2020
Operator approved by Arcep
Operator approved by Arcep

Integrated with your favorite applications.

Kavkom enriches your experience by providing an integration ecosystem that seamlessly optimizes all your core functions and processes.








Why choose Phone System Kavkom?

Fonctionnalites standard telephonique


Your teams benefit from easy access to the Kavkom telecom system via an ergonomic web interface, coupled with an intuitive CRM. This integrated platform offers a host of features, including WebPhone, for easy management of your communications.

Un système de téléphonie avancé utilisé par une équipe informatique


The Kavkom telecom system gives you total flexibility in managing your company’s communications. Wherever you are in the world, access your communications infrastructure and CRM directly, from a computer or smartphone via the iOS/Android app.

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Manage your company’s communications independently, without the need for complicated installation. You can also personalize your brand image with Customizable Voice Response Interfaces, enabling you to effectively reinforce your business identity.

Flexibility and reliability for your company's communications

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Adapt your company's communications to its structure and requirements, while guaranteeing exemplary service quality.

Flexibility and fast support guaranteed:
Easily configure and adjust your communication software in just a few clicks, ensuring rapid assistance in the event of a fault.
Get quick access to your communications infrastructure once you’ve registered with Kavkom, with support available at all times.

No need to :
Invest in additional telephone equipment.
Take care of the physical installation of telephones or help with lines.
Manually configure devices, minimizing the risk of failure.
Acquire advanced technical skills, Kavkom takes care of support and maintenance.

Independent management and intervention on lines

Add and adjust lines easily from the web platform

Log in to your CRM management area for fast, efficient support.
Order and adjust your new line directly from the management platform. It will be added and adjusted immediately to your communication network, avoiding service interruptions and guaranteeing consistent quality.

Worldwide availability

The Kavkom telecommunication device opens up your company to a complete network of high-quality communication services, accessible from any phone in the world, without the complications and costs of a traditional infrastructure. A simple Internet connection is all it takes to integrate all your communications into Kavkom CRM, with an infrastructure that’s always ready and available for any intervention required.

A complete, reliable communications infrastructure

Kavkom offers access to a complete communications infrastructure, ready for any assistance, with features superior to those of a traditional PBX, thanks to the integration of a Hybrid CRM for optimal customer relationship management. This system enables total outsourcing of your communications, ensuring quality and availability.

Surpassez les Attentes de vos Clients grâce à Kavkom

No maintenance or support fees. Enjoy hassle-free service, with a Kavkom team dedicated to supporting and maintaining your infrastructure.
Space savings and availability. Kavkom’s CRM & telecom device package offers on-demand IP communication, without the clutter of physical hardware, always ready for any intervention.
Simplified management and guaranteed quality. Manage your communications via a secure web interface, with unlimited functionality to ensure the quality and availability of your service.

With Kavkom technology, improve the flexibility and reliability of your company’s communications, while guaranteeing consistent quality and availability, with rapid response to any support required. Transform your company’s communication with Kavkom and benefit from a hassle-free solution, where quality, intervention and availability are our commitments.

Are you ready to improve your communications?

Activate Kavkom on your existing device.

Garantissez une Qualité et une Fiabilité Inébranlables des Appels

The advantages of Kavkom's VoIP service

Kavkom’s VoIP solution revolutionizes corporate communications, boosting efficiency. Each Kavkom subscription gives your teams access to a feature-rich virtual communications switchboard. With integrated WebPhone and CRM, Kavkom enriches your company’s communication management, leading to improved control and better administration of exchanges. Kavkom’s VoIP technology is widely recognized for business telecoms management, encompassing concepts such as VoIP, IP Telephony, IP Centrex, and ToIP, all based on the transmission of calls via Internet Protocol (IP), a method appreciated for its efficiency, flexibility, ease of installation and ease of integration with other communications tools, thus meeting companies’ growing telecoms needs.

Image illustrant la sécurité de premier plan avec la Téléphonie Cloud pour les Moyennes Entreprises

Reducing corporate communications costs

Kavkom’s communication infrastructure enables you to considerably reduce the costs associated with business exchanges. By adopting IP-based communications, Kavkom eliminates the costs associated with maintaining traditional communications infrastructures. Renowned for its competitive pricing, Kavkom’s telecoms solution is distinguished by the absence of installation costs. Without the need for physical installations, additional hardware or cabling, Kavkom’s infrastructure is directly operational on your existing devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers. The Kavkom package includes unlimited calls with no hidden charges. Contact our specialists to explore the potential savings for your company by migrating to Kavkom’s communications infrastructure.

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