Cloud telephony to manage the telephone reception of several entities

La téléphonie cloud pour gérer l’accueil téléphonique de plusieurs entités
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For many companies, fashion is in the cloud: they design pay slips, they do the accounting… And for some time now, people have been calling using the cloud. Solution still little known by many professionals, yet it is used daily with very popular applications such as Skype or Whatsapp.

For an entrepreneur, cloud telephony has many advantages, including the possibility of managing the telephone reception of several activities from a single telephone. But before seeing the advantages that the adoption of cloud telephony would offer you, a description of the operation and the various possibilities offered by the latter is necessary.

What is cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony is a communication system using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology. The latter makes it possible to transform voice into transferable data on the Internet. Because it works with the internet, it becomes possible to make free phone calls, provided you have the same application. This is basically what happens with Skype and Whatsapp.

Several points distinguish it from traditional telephony:

  • Cloud telephony does not require any local installation and no longer uses analog technology;
  • The voice data goes through a router and the internet.

The possibilities offered by cloud telephony or VOIP

This new telephony offers 2 great possibilities:

  • A dematerialization of the standard: with the cloud, it becomes possible to manage the PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) using a web interface offered by a specialized supplier . This makes it particularly simple to manage a switchboard in large structures;
  • Dematerialization of stations: it is no longer necessary to install specific stations to call or receive calls. You can manage everything from an already present device capable of connecting to the internet.

A boon for businesses

Opting for telephony offers many advantages to a company.

Almost instantaneous telephony

The cloud solution makes it easy and quick to deploy company telephony. With it, you have the possibility of obtaining several numbers without the need to carry out cumbersome procedures. For large companies that regularly hire employees, cloud telephony then offers the possibility of assigning a telephone number quickly to newcomers by simply creating an account on a computer. The solution is so practical that you can even create a call center for your sales department in just fifteen minutes.

A solution adapted to nomadism in business

In recent years, professional nomadism has become more and more widespread within companies. With the rise of telework, we have gone from a logic of gathering to a logic of dispersal. Cloud telephony adapts perfectly to this new way of working insofar as it allows you to forward your professional calls when you are on the move.

An economical choice

The benefits of cloud telephony are not limited to facilitating communications within and outside of the company. Financially, this telephony is more economical compared to traditional lines: no need to invest in specific equipment, no need for staff to run the system…

International visibility

If you have the ambition to develop your business internationally, cloud telephony can help you. Indeed, thanks to this solution, you have the possibility of obtaining a number from different countries without it being necessary to have an address on the spot. This is a big plus in marketing terms since you project the image of an accessible multinational company.


Despite everything, cloud telephony is not only an advantage:

  • Under certain conditions, the call quality may be poor. This will notably be the case when the internet connection is poor or when you call several people at the same time;
  • Impossible to make calls without an internet connection, which can be a problem when traveling in areas not covered or poorly covered by an internet network.

Despite everything, cloud telephony remains a very interesting investment for a company. And one thing is certain, tomorrow it will impose itself on everyone since it is already evolving in this direction.

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