Predictive dialer solution

Predictive dialer solution

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Are you looking for the ideal device to improve the productivity of your telephone prospecting agents? Look no further, Kavkom has the tool for you. Our predictive dialer solution is a must for companies that want to optimize their sales as well as their marketing campaigns. Do you want to know more about this phoning software ? This article is made for you.

Predictive Dialer Solution: What is it?

The predictive dialer solution is a system developed for call centers. To be more precise, it allows calls to be made without the agent needing to dial the numbers. This tool therefore helps companies to manage the prospecting of their files , to make appointments or to distribute coherent marketing campaigns.

The predictive dialer works based on a sophisticated computer algorithm. However, its principle is simple: the user imports the file containing the telephone data of the contacts into the software. The latter will then automatically dial each number on the file. Moreover, the tool will filter redundancies, answering machines and unanswered calls, without omitting a single number from the list.

Predictive dialer to boost agent productivity

The predictive dialer solution is said to generate efficiency, profitability and performance for telemarketing agents. How? ‘Or’ What ? Quite simply because it makes it possible to launch a large number of calls. Indeed, the software:

  • Keeps your operators busy : The predictive dialer automatically dials your contacts’ numbers. The first line picked up is then passed to the first available agent. And as soon as another operator is free, a line is immediately allocated to him. There is no more dead time between calls.
  • Saves real time : Thanks to the predictive dialer solution, operators no longer have to search for contacts in the file themselves, nor manually dial the numbers. They just have to focus on their calls.
  • Helps to effectively manage your campaigns and your teams : This tool effectively provides you with all the information that facilitates your supervision work. In one click, you have access to real-time statistics as well as powerful analysis tools.

What about the Kavkom predictive dialer solution?

The Kavkom predictive dialer solution is ideal for call centers managing outbound campaigns through many agents. It helps users reduce the time spent manually dialing and waiting for lines to connect. In other words, it boosts operator productivity . This phoning software dialer is also suitable for campaigns that deliver consistent marketing messages through agents.

The Kavkom predictive dialer offer has all the features of smart phone call management software . In addition to automatically dialing calls and callbacks, it also establishes real-time statistics to analyze agent efficiency and thus improve their productivity.

Our phoning software is developed with simple ergonomics for easy handling. Practical, it is immediately operational since its installation and activation are done in less than a minute after your order. Technical assistance remains at your disposal to bring you the help you expect, if necessary.

Why trust Kavkom?

Kavkom is a platform created with the aim of modernizing business communications and collaboration in companies. We rely on our technical expertise and our ability to adapt to new technologies to provide a complete range of revolutionary tools . These are distinguished both by their uses and their costs, but also by the immediate benefits they provide to our customers.

Since our launch in 2012, our team has been actively working to build relationships based on mutual trust and listening. In order to offer the best services to our customers, we always want to improve our offers. This is, moreover, the reason why we ensure that they comply with the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation.

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